GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – Georgia on my mind


In the State of Georgia a run -off election for two Senate seats this coming week will determine who controls the US Senate.

The outcome will determine how effective the upcoming Biden administration will be on everything from their Covid-19 response to Foreign Policy and Trade – issues which will significantly impact on the World economy and our own.

It would be really nice if we saw or read some informed news coverage of this unprecedented event and its international iimplications in our own mainstream media.
Yes , it’s not as if we can do anything about it or affect the outcome of these run-off elections, but we are citizens not just of New Zealand but of the World and keeping us reliably informed about significant world events (such as how the future of the upcoming US government is on a decision knife edge) is surely one of the functions of our news gathering organisations.

Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. Whilst it would be good to have the NZ populace informed about the political situation in the US, that situation is largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

    Whichever party in in control, the policies are more-or-less the same: pump additional fictional -created out of thin air- money into Wall Street; pump additional fictional money into military spending; pump additional fictional money into subsidies for big agriculture and big pharmaceutical; trash the environment; lie to the general populace. The criminal will simply take over from where the madman left off.

    It would be far more productive to have the NZ populace informed about the dire energy predicament, the dire financial predicament and the dire environmental predicament.

    However, we should not hold our breath on any of that, since the corporatised NZ media are primarily concerned with advertising revenue and not scaring the horses. Which means plenty of distraction and trivia, and no significant reporting or analysis. Never forget that these clowns/saboteurs had Candy Floss on prime time telling us NOT to wear masks for protection against Covid-19.

    Thus, the NZ corporate media play a major role in making everything that matters worse. And will keep doing so until they can’t.

  2. I have subscribed to the New Yorker for years , it is the only way to be informed about WTF is happening in the USA. Simply the best writing, anywhere. Same reason I read this blog, it has the best writers.
    Happy New Year to you Bryan.

  3. THis will not be printed in our papers because it is the wrong content. The right subject content for our media just involves the poor old maori getting hard done by again.

  4. ” It would be really nice if we saw or read some informed news coverage of this unprecedented event and its international implications in our own mainstream media ”

    Bryan that is why i turn to very few news sources.

    1 RNZ despite its National party appointed board that has had the desired effect but it better than ZB.
    2 Al Jazeera because they actually care about factual reporting without an in built paid for bias.
    3 The TDB which has the best political and intelligent commentators in New Zealand and thank god for that when our only alternative is the corporate celebrity bullshit that the other provide as news and content.

    • Mosa: “RNZ despite its National party appointed board that has had the desired effect…”

      RNZ is now a woke hellhole. I’m not sure of the extent to which the board is pushing this along, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

      Since childhood, I’ve listened to RNZ and its predecessor organisations. In all those decades, it’s published propaganda-as-news, such that the worldview I’d formed didn’t reflect the reality of the world. I didn’t begin to find that out until I was at uni, contemporaneously with the rise of the internet. The latter development allowed the challenging of all of that propaganda. Now I know.

      RNZ is good for local news: it has Phil Pennington, whose investigative reporting remains one of RNZ’s greatest assets. I assume he’s still there: I no longer listen to RNZ National, having had a gutsful of both the propaganda and the wokery.

      “Al Jazeera…”

      Be sceptical of its coverage: look for supporting evidence elsewhere. Remember that it’s funded by Qatar: it claims independence, but its reportage of events in the ME and elsewhere has been variably biased.

      “The TDB…”

      The quality of commentators on TDB is also variable. To be sure, it’s mostly better than RNZ, but that’s a low bar. Some commentators here aren’t worth the time it takes to read their posts.


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