Is it wrong to feel Schadenfreude over the prison riot?


Is it wrong to feel a certain level of Schadenfreude over the prison riot?

I feel it with the borders closed stopping the hyper tourism, exploitation of migrant workers and exploitation of International Students.

The conditions inside NZ prisons have been abusive and corrupt for such a long time the only solution is to shame NZ into doing something.

TDB warned back in 2016 after the Herald’s expose on the horror of our double bunked rape culture that a prison riot was a possibility.

Read and scream…

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The assault by Katipa came after the conviction of Stephen Mark Gotty, 57, who sexually assaulted a 19-year-old while double-bunked in Mt Eden prison. Gotty received a sentence of preventive detention with a minimum nine years in prison.

The incidents led to a review of the double-bunking policy throughout the prison system.

The review found Katipa’s attacks were not as a result of problems with the double-bunking system but “staff performance failure”.

Beales said the review of the Sacra system found the tool was working – but it wasn’t being used with consistency across the prison network.

The report into use of the Sacra system, released through the Official Information Act, showed Corrections staff didn’t understand how it was meant to be used and would sometimes place inmates in cells with other – then do an assessment to see if they should be housed with someone else.

About three-quarters of the assessments were done on time, the report showed.

The assessments were also delayed if there were staff shortage and in other cases, Corrections officers talked inmates into being double-bunked.

Corrections staff also showed confusion over the NTDB (Not To Double Bunk) warning, with the review stating they were unsure who was meant to be placing the warning on the system or even when they were obliged to do so.

There was also risk attached to the 68 different types of alerts with no guidelines for reference and confused staff as a result.

…Corrections staff had no fucking idea of how to use the system that rated prisoners on safety – their incompetence and total lack of training means they could have been creating dozens of rapes every week.

The problem is rather than simply punishing prisoners with a loss of liberty, decades of using crime to whip up ratings by the mainstream media has left a population drooling over making prisoners suffer.

This mainstream media inspired sadism has always allowed the Government to use antiquated prisons and underfunded abuse to get away with conditions that breach our human rights obligations.

However no New Zealander can publicly pretend to be proud of the hate pus pit our State sanctioned double bunked rape pens have become and in that discomfort is the only possible light for the 10 000 prisoners rotting in our overcrowded, under funded, violent and corrupt prison network.

New Zealanders only give two fucks when they are humiliated into changing by global news attention.

As a culture, our negative egalitarian little brother complex means what other people think of us is far more important than what we think of ourselves, so if prisoners in NZ rioted, the global backlash at the quaint little Shire that every one wants to visit for a holiday would melt as the reality of our State sanctioned double bunked rape pens was laid broken and naked to the world.

Only then, when the rest of the developed planet look away in disgust at our State sanctioned double bunked rape pens would muddle Nu Zilind desperately want change for the welfare of those prisoners.

The truth is that only shaming Kiwis by media exposure of the conditions will force any change.

That’s who we is, that’s what we are.

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    • Fortunately for you, we have laws to protect animals like you! When were you last aware of a dog having to drink its own piss because it was deliberately deprived of food and fresh water. These are basic human rights requirements that NZ has signed up to.

  1. No mate. Let me answer you like this. I’m Sam Brown. I ain’t never heard of no Kyle Webster where I’m from, in the savage world.

    Normal people think they can get on the interweb and poke fun at the big brown prisoners and then they get fucked up and end up in hospital. These guys literally don’t give a fuck.

    People with an instinct for this stuff can’t listen to the tough on crime crowd because the light has to be left on meaning prisoners rights are just as important as any other in the smooth running of society.

  2. Depends on the crime you committed Kyle. I assume from your sanctimonious comment that you have never been targeted by our inconsistent and racially biased “justice system “. More to do with being an inconvenience to those who prefer not to be disturbed in their own little bubbles.

    Defraud pensioners out of their life savings while wearing a suit, then you can likely afford a decent lawyer – or just leave the country. Cut yourself up in public due to poverty despair, then that’s prison. Ride motorbikes on the footpath – fine if you’re employed by a courier company, more risky if you’re wearing a gang patch than company logo. Walk in the wrong part of your ancestral lands while Maori then you are really asking for trouble. Recieve the stolen goods of confiscated land and you will be compensated for any redress.

    Prison conditions are a less pressing issue when neither you nor anyone you have met has seen the inside of one.


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