The Liberal Agenda – WW84 Review – 4 stars (but only if she keeps saving Muslim children)


Now whenever anyone reviews Wonder Woman, no one is allowed to point out the actress Gal Gadot is a foaming supporter of Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine because Feminists have waited so long for a feminist superhero.

Note any time a male actor is problematic it leads to a social media lynching but this is different because hashtag feminism, hashtag solidarity.

Now it’s not the fault of Gadot that she served in the IDF, Israel cleverly makes military service mandatory as a cultural radicalisation to ensure Israelis hate Palestinians with as much fervour as Palestinians hate Israelis, but her defence of the IDF makes her as deeply problematic as Louis CK hosting a harassment in the workplace HR video…

…now for the record, the 3 teenagers Hamas kidnapped was a localised decision by operatives in the field, it was NOT as Netanyahu claimed at the time a decision made by the Hamas leadership, so the following 50 day war that saw Israel disproportionately butcher over 2000 Palestinians (almost 500 of whom were Palestinian children) and use white phosphorus shells was a war crime, not a proportional response to aggression.

But we mustn’t point this out because you know, feminists have waited so awfully long for a feminist super hero icon to hold up.

So let’s not mention it again.

Which is kinda difficult because the film jaw droopingly has Wonder Woman save Muslim children from a missile strike while erecting a huge wall through the middle east, you know, kinda like this one around Gaza and the West Bank…

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…but let’s put that aside and try to enjoy the movie.

It’s pretty bad.

The special effects include an escalator, running and a lasso of truth.

The Avengers this is not.

She can fly now??? And turn things invisible???

There are some great comedy moments around 80s fashion and if you have a daughter under 14 whom you haven’t explained the brutal occupation of Palestine to yet, it’s a harmless popcorn flick that will keep them busy for 2 and a half hours.

In the movie, Wonder Woman saves 2 Muslim children from a missile strike, so if she does that for the next 250 movies she will have saved as many Palestinian children as Israel killed in 2014, so as long as she does that, it’s a 4 star movie.

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  1. Wasn’t Linda Carter a feminist/ super hero icon back in the 1970s? And Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt as Catwoman back in the 1960s? Emma Peel? Honor Blackman?

  2. I stopped watching online and “mainstream movies’, deleted the apps, and went back to a far better selection at one of the few remaining mail-out DVD outfits. They have tons of stuff to make a person think about what life is and how it could be, and there’s no risk of watching misogynist feminism mixed with confused woke politics unless I purposely pick it. The kind of culture that gets exported in blockbuster entertainment from the USA varies from brainless, to plain poor entertainment. Almost all of it is the same story about guns and killing, occasionally with different faces.

  3. The entertainment industry is edging towards bankruptcy as it went woke and SJWism.
    I dont care about it all when I watch a movie/tv show but hard to ignore.
    Dr Who is one example, a female Dr was inevitable and not a ‘shock’, and the writing is awful (FFS one of the first episodes with the new Dr and companions was all about Rosa Parks!) but the Drs companions….well, a black man combining an interracial marrage as his step dad is white plus a lesbian muslim woman….guess we can expect a disabled transgender companion next? (It is the BBC afterall)
    The writing and acting on Ghostbusters (all female version) was terrible, but saying you disliked it got you branded a misogynist.
    Wonder woman is different as it could be the BEST movie ever made, but the left would pan it for no other reason because the lead is from Israel, Im sure if there was a crap movie with a Palastinian in the lead role would be lauded by the left and no critisism allowed. Lol
    Go woke go broke!….which isnt a bad thing for hollywood IMO.

    • Not only does he resent the Israeli lead, he uses a movie and its star to trivialise Palestinian terrorism and bash Israel’s right to self defence with a lot of spurious propaganda.

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