The Liberal Agenda: Dave Dobbyn in New Year Honours


2021 New Year Honours for Dave Dobbyn, Rob Fyfe and Dame Anne Salmond

Musician Dave Dobbyn, former Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe, public health expert Professor Michael Baker, and Covid-19 modeller Professor Shaun Hendy are among those named on the New Year Honours list.

Good, Dave deserved this.

The unofficial national anthem of NZ is Loyal…

TDB Recommends managed to articulate all the emotional awkwardness of 1980s NZ in an immediately recognisable way that was always humiliating with its rawness.

Blokes who had been angry most of the evening with tightly held bottles of Lion Red all broke down at the end of the night when this was played.

It was like collective group therapy.

When Dave sang this at Lange’s public funeral, it was a sacred moment of collective grief.

Congrats Dave.

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  1. I wish people wouldn’t take these awards, it is all shit in my view. As in Pilger’s book ‘Heroes’ the real people who need praising are the people on the ground.

  2. Good for Dave.

    Unfortunately, the planet-fuckers who decided on the ‘honours’ list decided to reward Rob Fyfe for his contribution to fucking the planet.

    Dishonourable, anti-environmental, anti-life behaviour STILL gets rewarded because we have a dishonourable, anti-environmental, anti-life PM.

    As always, we ask “When will the populace wake up?”

    • A few titles are dished out to people who may be accepted in a popular way just to keep the whole awards from royalty not to be completely rejected by the public.
      The psychopaths like key and duglarse then sneak in along with others who buy their gongs.
      Labour scrapped this crap but NACT brought it back.
      PMs like Seddon and many others have rejected “titles” handed down within a class ridden system.

  3. Heh, take that all online arseholes that still insist he started the “Queen St Riot”-it is now “Sir Riot starter” to you! Dave was cleared many years ago of course.

    We all know the history of these honours, and they still have currency among many, many NZers, but these days some people like Dave and Keith Locke that actually deserve Public acclamation,
    are getting them.

    • It isn’t worth it, name some others.

      Did you see that the speaker got one which means that that moron who has done appalling things over the years and said appalling things, Trevor Mallard will get one of these one day, truly pathetic.

    • Nah, “Be Mine tonight” for me, brilliantly used in the final scene of “Outrageous Fortune” TV show. Dave has a deep catalogue beyond the munter anthems. Vineyard shows are not for everyone, but when a crowd can carry a whole song, an artist is surely embedded in people’s hearts.

      Sod the honours, but it is still okay to celebrate when they award against “the run of play” to someone like Dave.

  4. Accepting an award of this kind is to reinforce old ideas of Empire. A pat on the head from the Crown. John Lennon and John Lydon knew what to do with such patronizing gestures.

  5. I don’t support these obscene class enforced awards that lost all credibility when the likes of Roger Douglas , Ron Brierly , Ron Trotter , Bill English , John fucking Key , Doug Graham , Don Mc kinnon , Bill Birch , Stephen Tindall , David Carter the most partisan speaker of recent times ,Jerry Mateparae amongst others who treasure entitled privilege.
    Dobbyn has had a chequered past but two of his songs stand out for me , Welcome home and outlook for Thursday that bring my memories of 1983 and the country we called home flooding back , Loyal and oughta be in love ( great Footrot Flats movie soundtrack ) The Dudes are right up there as well.
    Dobbyn is a worthwhile recipient unlike the scum i listed above.
    He contributed to our great country and never stole from it and put it in his back pocket unlike the traitors i have listed here.
    Good on ya Dobbs.

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