2020: The year every thing changed & why it’ll get worse


Alt Right Nazis and white supremacy incels to the right of me.

Woke Identity Politics micro aggression policing cancellation squads to the Left of me.

Here I am stuck in the Class Left with you.

Black Lives Mattered.

Trump’s grotesque attempt to steal the election mattered.

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Covid 19 mattered.

Covid 81.9million infected.

Covid 1.7million dead.

Covid $28 Trillion in costs to the global economy.



Working from home.


Fake news.


QAnon conspiracy theories.

Ellen cancelled.

The climate crisis broke record after record.

Billionaires made billions more while the poor, millennials, gig economy, the homeless, working class and beneficiaries got fucked.

White men of mediocrity like Trump, Boris Johnson and Bolsonaro managed to obscenely fuel the pandemic through their incompetence.

Democracy was wounded and found broken.

People ran to the State and demanded the State protect them while the Right wing tried to convince everyone we didn’t need the State to protect them.

The Right were punished politically.

The sense of solidarity and sacrifice this unique universal experience created has rebuilt a public mandate for collectivism.

It will be sorely tested in 2021.

At the beginning of the year the woke screamed anyone criticising China was xenophobic…

…TDB however argued from the very beginnings of the outbreak that this wasn’t a fucking identity politics issue, but had all the ingredients of a global pandemic.

TDB 1 – Woke 0.

When history looks back on 2020, New Zealand can hold its head up.

We were challenged, and our collective will combined to act in the common good. We didn’t need authoritarian measures, we simply explained the science and our well educated populace acquiesced.

But this pandemic was just the first climate crisis wave unleashed by overpopulation, 24/7 global supply chains and habitat destruction.

After every major pandemic, there is social unrest…

“So when our Sickness, and our Poverty Had greater wants than we could well supply; Strict Orders did but more enrage our grief, And hinder in accomplishing relief.”

That’s how the British poet George Wither explained a spreading rebellion against social-distancing rules. Seeing quarantines and lockdowns as unfair and tyrannical punishments, people were taking to the streets. The year was 1625, the place was London, the disease was plague.

…The peasant revolt in the 1300s, the civil unrest in the 1600s and the civil disobedience in the 1900s. The strict measures required to snuff out pandemics always makes the lives of the poorest unliveable, we haven’t seen the economic whiplash of Covid yet, especially amongst small business owners and those who were already vulnerable.

The desperate and newly desperate will swell globally and cause enormous cultural tensions.

These waves of social disruption will reverberate around a rapidly warming planet.

  • Trump & Georgia – All eyes will still be on Trump during January as the final days in the Bunker start to play out for him. Is Trump a craven coward who is pulling one last scam to shake down his followers for hundreds of millions or is he really a full blown sociopath who will launch a military strike against China or Iran? If the Dems can win Georgia they finally take control of the Senate and they will have actual power, the Corporations will not like that. Expect one of Biden’s first challenges to be a wave of climate refugees crossing the Southern Border.
  • China – Their Wolf Diplomacy to whip up nationalistic fervour is masking a fear of internal revolt. Expect China to violently take Hong Kong, sabre rattle over Taiwan and threaten anyone in the West who says otherwise to send a domestic and international message of brutal strength.
  • Covid – It will continue to disrupt enormously. The issues of rolling out this vaccine to everyone will be a huge challenge that will need to become an annual ritual requiring 75% to gain herd immunity. The logistics of that are huge and we will be lucky to reach 75% globally by the end of 2022, so the economic damage won’t really start healing for another 2 years.
  • Climate Crisis & Social Unrest – The economic stresses of Covid alongside more climate extremes will see a wave of famines in 2021.

There will be pressures caused by mass migration into Western countries who will already be grappling with intense social economic frictions.

The venal excesses of Wall Street Billionaires and their never ending wealth gains will cause enormous social distortions and lead to economic radicalisation.

Social Media disinformation will continue to polarise debate and create alternate realities.

Late stage Capitalism never looked so ripe for collapse.


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  1. 1.7 million dead…
    Out of a world population of 7 BILLION…
    Who will be replaced at the rate of 250,000 per DAY!
    Your “plague”is a joke…
    Compared to what is coming.
    It is not just capitalism that is coming to an end…
    We are.

  2. Whilst I agree with your general theme -that the shit is going to hit the fan big time in 2021- there are a few points that I disagree about, Martyn.

    ‘If the Dems can win Georgia they finally take control of the Senate and they will have actual power, the Corporations will not like that.’

    Why will the corporations not like that? The corporations own both parties. (It was Clinton who uneased the banks by repealing Glass-Stegall.)

    ‘Expect one of Biden’s first challenges to be a wave of climate refugees crossing the Southern Border.’

    Are you talking about Californians desperate to leave the failed state and head for Chile?

    Movement northwards has almost dried up completely, and Mexicans have been heading south for quite a while. Could it be out-of-control Covid in the US? (still the hub of infection and systemic failure}. Or the collapse in shitty-job opportunities in the US? (now that unemployment is at around 22% and small businesses are closing by the score every day).

    ‘ Expect China to violently take Hong Kong’ ???

    They already have it, without violence. The deal was done in 1997.

    ‘sabre rattle over Taiwan’

    The mainland Chinese have been sabre-rattling ever since the Kuomintang stole the Chinese gold in 1949 and, after invading Taiwan and murdering the Taiwanese leaders, declared martial law and set up the American puppet military state.

    On the matter of the shit hitting the fan in 2021, never forget that the current global financial crisis commenced in the year 2000, that the American crisis re-erupted in 2007 and was bailed out in 2008, and since then the system has been running on fraud, speculation and money-printing.

    Also, don’t forget that the Fed hit the panic button in September 2019, when the repo market blew up (seized up) PRIOR to any mention of Covid.

    The peaking of oil extraction in 2007 was masked by highly anti-environmental, low-EROEI fracking, which held the system together a little longer. But that too has peaked and is on the way down.

    The system is fucked, but most people still don’t realise it.

    ‘Social Media disinformation will continue to polarise debate and create alternate realities.’

    It’s not only the social media that are promulgating disinformation: the mainstream media and the politicians are too: so many snouts in the trough wanting their rorts to continue! And certainly no policies founded on the reality of our collective predicament.

    I’ll say it again: The system is fucked, but most people still don’t realise it.

    I think they will realise by the end of 2021, though.

    Happy New Year, bearing in mind that even that is wrong (phony). The new year actually commenced on 25th December on the Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun started to rise measurably earlier and further to the east (as worked out at least 5,000 years ago). Stonehenge and all that.

    In the Southern Hemisphere the new year commenced on or about 25th of June.

    It’s amazing what a bit of fake religion can do to a society.

    Perhaps I should add, it’s amazing what a bit of fake economic theory can do to a society.

  3. “People ran to the State and demanded the State protect them while the Right wing tried to convince everyone we didn’t need the State to protect them.”

    This always gets me. Do they realise that they contradict every policy and political statement they ever made with this? It’s literally the antithesis of politics, and in the very least, the dissolution of society and any kind of law! So bascally the Right say we don’t need them. Ok. We are in agreement. Can they go away now?

    I was thinking the other day that things wouldn’t be so bad if the law didn’t just protect the weathy. If we reverted to caveman clubbings of anyone who stood in our way, life could find it’s way back to normal pretty quickly. Once you spend 8 hours a day looking for food, have a snooze in a nice quiet environment free of cars, maybe sit round the fire telling stories about how crap the old days were, you have minimal time left for clubbings. But the capitalist machine eats people non-stop.

    • ” Once you spend 8 hours a day looking for food, have a snooze in a nice quiet environment free of cars, maybe sit round the fire telling stories about how crap the old days were, you have minimal time left for clubbings. But the capitalist machine eats people non-stop. ”
      The caveman’s life was short and brutish but he had times of peace and contentment communing round the fire. One big kill like a mammoth could keep the clan going for a week or two. Back those days there were amazing cave paintings showing UGG was developing his artistic, and ability to transcend, side. Modern society is the opposite: full of stress, demands, bills, complexity. Loose your job your wife divorces you. You now have to rent your cave? Greedy rent seeking capital gain bastards have bought up all the remaining ones. And buying your own cave is just flat out impossible. What’s a young cave couple to do and their cave kiddies?
      Cave Art https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjejoT1gFOc

      • Not only all of what you say but also there is s lot of evidence that ‘prehistoric’ people who fell ill or were seriously injured were looked after by their families/comrades to the point of making recoveries, i.e. free health care with compassion and effectiveness.

        And when a person did die, they were honoured and celebrated, unlike the modern way, of being buried or incinerated at substantial cost to the family.

        Most appealing of all, there were NO LAWYERS and NO PRISONS.

      • Yeah its a bit of an exaggeration of mine to think in terms of stone age clubbings to solve political problems. Any crash of our economic and social systems is unlikely to end our current knowledge of medicine and engineering, or increase the desire to kill passers-by for fun. Everyday life often makes me wonder why a conscious society wouldn’t adopt some of the ideas of early societies. Why don’t we enforce the idea that the more wealth someone has, the more careful their behaviour should be towards less powerful people, with increasingly punitive punishments for infractions; and the higher up the social order they go, the less they are seen in decision making processes where they directly benefit.

        Interesting to see how far into the caves old UGG went to do paintings. Further and further into the dark, in tight spots that not many would have seen even in his day. Imagine doing that, with a burning reed right near your face for light.

    • Even then there was a clear hieracrchy though – and cavemen too had a society of “haves” and “have nots”. Especially those unwilling or unable to hunt were shunned and embarrassed (not too dissimilair to the “benny bashing” we have now). Chieftains were rarely pacifists (invading other tribes was common), and the less said about the oracles/soothsayers/priests etc (with their endless sacrifices to appease “the gods”) the better. And as for women’s rights/equality – forget it.

  4. Climate change ‘will be our generations nuclear moment’


      • It is an engineering feat that enhances the development prospects of the region (a.k.a. greater bay area). What invasion? Hong Kong and Macau were returned to China since 1997 and 1999 respectively.

        • come on Fumikun ,,,how do you explain away the stealth construction which made it invisible until it was to late.

          Also why is it so long ??? , don’t tell me geography…. next you’ll be telling me it’s just a coincidence that it looks large enough that tanks could drive down it….

          It’s a bridge to far … ‘The Coming War on China, from award winning journalist John Pilger, reveals what the news doesn’t’

  5. Finally someone else who seeing that the Chinese’s populace are pretty pissed off with their government. Not sure the saber-rattling is going to save Winnie-the-Pooh.

    Winnie-the-Pooh problem is, he not delivering on the promise of prosperity and social mobility. If anything most Chinese’s now see themselves as going backwards. They see massive class distinctions, plus a growing disconnect from the elects and the rests.

  6. I see the Aussies are ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED to keep fucking the planet as fast as possible. Indeed, not content with burning coal for electricity generation and exporting it to anyone who will take it, they have decided to have a go at wrecking a portion of Antarctica, and increase their carbon footprint in the process, promoting atmospheric conditions that increase the probability of out-of-control fires and devastating droughts in Australia and elsewhere.

    Not only all that but they also want to squander money and resources for something that is totally unnecessary at a time when their economy and finances are in deep shit.

    Fortunately, there is a lot of evidence the following example of collective insanity won’t get past the planning stage because the system will collapse before it does.

    ‘Australia is planning to build Antarctica’s biggest infrastructure project: a new airport and runway that would increase the human footprint in the world’s greatest wilderness by an estimated 40%.

    The mega-scheme is likely to involve blasting petrel rookeries, disturbing penguin colonies and encasing a stretch of the wilderness in more than 115,000 tonnes of concrete.

    The government in Canberra says the project on the Vestfold Hills of Princess Elizabeth Land is necessary to provide year-round access for scientists and emergency teams to Davis research station, Australia’s most southerly base in Antarctica. Strategic concerns are also a consideration; Australia is keen to counter China’s growing presence on the frozen southern continent.

    Environmental scientists say the multi-billion-dollar plan is a waste of money, and could lead to a destructive construction race among territorial rivals.

    “It’s unprecedented in the Antarctic in terms of the scale of investment and the impact on the environment. Although it is being done in the name of science, very few scientists are enthusiastic. This is more about flag-waving. It is about firming up Australia’s presence and our claim,” said Shaun Brooks, an environmental scientist at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies of the University at Tasmania.

    He estimates the project would add 40% to the existing infrastructure on the continent, which would be damaging and unnecessary.

    “I can’t help thinking this will become a white elephant. How can you justify a multi-billion-dollar runway for a base with only 19 people during the winter and which has been maintained without problems since 1957?” Brooks said.

    Australia’s proposed new airstrip would be 2.7km long and 40 metres wide, and – unlike existing ice and gravel runways in Antarctica – it would be a permanent structure built on top of the landscape with cement and 11,500 concrete blocks, each weighing more than 10 tonnes.

    Pollution, dust, noise and carbon emissions are further problems. Shipping the materials from Hobart is expected to take more than a decade and about 100 icebreaker voyages. The government says the land would be flattened by blasting, crushing and filling with a total 3m cubic metres of earthworks. The project will require the construction of a storage area for explosives, land reclamation from the sea for a new wharf, new tanks for aviation fuel and a 4km access road.

    As well as the destruction of wildlife habitat during construction, the operation of the completed airport would bring regular disruption to breeding colonies of southern giant petrels, seals and Adélie penguins…..’


    And, having ‘Saved the Whales’, industrial humans have since decided to make the oceans unlivable for them.

    ‘…in 2020, 50 years on from the release of the album, whales are once again in the global headlines for all the wrong reasons. A new series of threats to whales have appeared. Commercial whaling has started to return, with Norway and Japan among the countries that have abandoned the IWC ban. And whaling is the least of it. Collisions with ships, bycatch from fishing, habitat loss due to the climate emergency and a global plastic pollution crisis are hitting whales from all directions on a scale unknown in the 1970s.

    Most pernicious of all, however, is the noise.

    “Shipping has increased by 300% in the past two decades and noise is a massive issue,” says Helen McLachlan, fisheries programme manager for the Worldwide Fund for Nature. “Sound in the water is really important for the toothed whales like sperm whales, which use sound to identify prey and to navigate. If you upset those functions then you are undermining that animal’s ability to survive.”


    The sooner the system collapses, the better. That said, the human toll will be horrific during the collapse phase.

    However, carrying on the way we have been renders the Earth uninhabitable for humans anyway.

    We’re fucked if we allow the system to collapse, and even more fucked if we try to keep it going.

    ’44 south has already alluded to the fact that ‘It is not just capitalism that is coming to an end…
    We are.’

    How we live during the meltdown phase is what is important.

    And the indications on that front are not good. Greed and stupidity are still reigning supreme.

  7. “how we live during the meltdown phase is what is important”
    Agreed Kevin. And this is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of collapse, and the main reason I now drink whiskey instead of smoking the Herb.
    Weed is such a wonderful substance. It gently draws you into the now and shows you how life could be. It is a “hopeful” drug that says just do this and all will be well.
    I clung to that vision for forty years.
    No more.
    I am at a loss to understand why the many do not comprehend what,as your tag suggests, the few do.
    But I am certain “time will tell”. This new year will be a primer, and I think 2022 will be our (their) “in your face” awakening.
    I spent the day mostly in the garden, mounding spuds and weeding peas.
    I trust you had a similarly productive day.

    • Hello 44 south (and anyone else interested).

      I was reasonably set up where I was living but the land was difficult and I was isolated from family. It was not easy, but I bit the bullet and relocated. So I started from scratch in February 2019.

      I am now on almost flat land (slight slope assists drainage) about 43 South, and have been modifying the rainwater system to utilise what rain falls (much less than where I was). Still working in levels but almost there.

      Trees mostly planted and a vegetable garden underway but not finalised. All organic matter recycled now that the major overgrown (wrong trees in the wrong place) mess has been cleaned up.

      House: making it as thermally efficient as possible -less heating in winter and less cooling in summer required.

      I too had hope, right through to 2014. New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd’s betrayal all of those who supported him during his electoral campaign and the subsequent resignation (in disgust) of Len Houwers and John McLeod, the two councillors who were not snout-in-the-trough fuckwits put an end to my hope.

      The system, as many have noted, is utterly dysfunctional, rigged, and run by career bureaucrats whose prime concern is to ensure that policies based on reality (or even proper interpretation of the Local Government Acts) are NOT implemented. Most of eh council officers I had dealings with didn’t even know the meanings of the words they used. And generally there is ZERO accountability. Though it was good to see CEO Barbara McKerrow eventually forced to resign after lying to the council umpteen times over her multi-year self-aggrandising career. In the end the lies got just too many and too big.

      The average member of the public has no idea how awful the system is, nor how disastrous the outcomes of the dysfunctional polices are. And most don’t want to know. Anyway, the gatekeepers ensure the general public are kept in the dark and fed misinformation.

      I generally keep very quiet these days (other than what I say on TDB).

      That said, I did have a session with Stuart Smith (National MP) for Kaikura): I was pleasantly surprised to discover he is not a fuckwit and actually has some knowledge about climate change, for which he is National party spokesman.

      We agreed that the government’s declaration of a state of climate emergency was bullshit unless accompanied by action…which there isn’t.

      His viewpoint is that the government needs to withdraw carbon credits for ETS, which the government won’t do because that would upset BAU.

      His assertion that CO2 levels have been much higher in the past is quite correct. I did point out to him that though atmospheric CO2 has been as high as 1200 ppm, all life currently extant is adapted for and average of 230 ppm, and that the 400+ ppm we currently have corresponds to at least 25 metres of sea level rise: it’s just the inertia of the system (the huge thermal mass of the oceans and ice sheets) that has delayed the manifestation.

      I suggested we meet again (in December 2021) to see how much worse it all is.

      Barring injuries and exhaustion, I make every day a productive day, including some of Christmas Day and faux New Year ‘holiday’.

  8. Well, that’s certainly a grim view of ’21.
    But there are alternatives to assuming the sitting duck position.
    Firstly, good people fighting back against the tyranny of arse holes might be a start.
    Keep our borders closed down. I mean duh, right?
    Tax foreign banking until it withers and dies.
    Tax the capital on property trading on all but one’s home.
    Release the farmer! Start by pulling them out from under the mountain of bullshit the national party have been burying them under since about 1920 and let them provide our foods and finances. ( Which the already do except as of now they’re being parasitised and exploited and generally treated like shit. )
    Teach people how to build basic ( Or not so basic ) housing complete with solar power/heating, composting sewer systems and rain water harvesting. ( I did that. I took two 4 M lengths of polycarbonate, mounted them together and collected rain water which I filtered and used. Not fucking rocket surgery people.
    AO/NZ MUST start to think laterally and with originality and flare or we’re fucked.
    We must come try understand that our politicians must do what WE tell them. Not the other fucking way around because they’re gone. Our politicians are all bought and paid for and now reside in the pockets of someone else.
    Be brave, be kind and rejoice that we’re a scant few million on a huge country that’s almost mind bogglingly rich in vital, essential resources.
    Despite @ MB’s dire predictions for the coming months and years, we’re ok. We’re a lot better off than many others and that’s there problem I hasten to add but that doesn’t mean we can’t offer help where we can. We’re not trumpophiles yet.
    Now. Know your enemy. This may seem simplistic but get over it.
    “Psychopaths favour right-wing authoritarianism, finds study”

    • Whilst I agree with your sentiments concerning politicians etc., must disagree with you on this:

      ‘Despite @ MB’s dire predictions for the coming months and years, we’re ok.’

      We have been thoroughly shafted by the likes of Roger Douglas and all who came after him who emulated the privatise-and-loot-and-pollute philosophy he promoted. In essence, we are fucked, and the younger you are, the more you are fucked because the climate monster is only going to get bigger, the depletion of resources is only going to get worse (declining EROEI) and natural systems we rely on to maintain life-as-we-know-it are going to get more deplet4ed/ruined.

      Depletion and overheating are the major components of the Faustian bargain made by our ancestors, long, long before we were even born.

      This thing will play out to its natural conclusion (as determined by the laws of mathematics, chemistry, physics and ecology) and there is very little we can do at this late stage in the game….though not making everything that matters worse faster would be a good start in the little we can do.

      However, our so-called leaders are not even prepared to do that, and are fully committed to making everything that matters worse faster -in order to prop up living arrangements that have no future.

      Ignorance, cowardice, stupidity and subservience to ‘the machine’ characterise the current political world and the commercial world.

      Despite your admonitions, the masses are content with ignorance, cowardice, stupidity and subservience.

      Orwell said it first, in ‘1984’ (1947).

      I highly recommend it to all who have not read it. And ‘Brave New World’, Huxley’s 1931 critique of American culture (which he hated). Brilliant foresight. Though neither foresaw planetary meltdown.

      You have to go to Arrhenius (1896) for that.

  9. Here’s a simple guide to understanding and perhaps surviving by de-enslaving ourselves from The Machine.
    Buy less.
    Spend less.
    Don’t do debt.
    Protect ourselves against the tyranny of the psychopathic crazies who currently run this dizzying cluster fuck called ‘ the western life style’ by re nationalising what were once our taxes paid for resources and assets. When our basic yet essential resources are free from the exploitative profiteering of the ‘user pays’ logical fallacy we too will be free and so much less able to be psychologically enslaved as we are at the time of my writing this.
    Burn down the banks. Especially the foreign ones. I mean literally and metaphorically. We must scrape them off our lives like the dog shit they are. No disrespect to actual dog shit.
    Talk. That’s right. Talk. Talk, talk, talk. Write, write, write, write…
    If we’re talking and writing we’re communicating and communication is the enemy of the psycho crazies. That’s why the fascist and overly zealous nature of road traffic safety for example. ‘They’ don’t give a fuck if we die in a fiery car crash on the way home from the pub but ‘ They’ do freak out at the prospect of us socially gathering and communicating and sharing information.
    ‘They’ just want us to stay at work then stay at home and be brainwashed into believing we’re free when really we’re enslaved and imprisoned to create wealth for ‘Them’.
    And who are ‘They’ you might ask?
    Well son, if you don’t know by now then you’re actively avoiding the problem by choosing to remain deliberately ignorant so that makes you a part of the problem for the rest of us.
    Would you turn up at your new job unskilled, unaware, not caring about your collegues but with your hand out for your first pay check and expect to be permanently employed with wage increases annually?
    There are a lot of newbies swinging by TDB with their observations about what’s ‘going on’ but let me remind you?
    We already here know what the fuck’s going on but what do you reckon we do about it?
    Did you read the neoliberal control mechanisms Web rag of choice’s rnz’s list of new year ‘honour’ lists?
    Ms Snively.
    Lets ponder our the homeless and those children living in hunger and poverty while we also ponder how four foreign banks took 6 billion dollars from our economy in NET profits the year before last?
    “Suzanne Lee Snively, ONZM, for services to governance. She has chaired the New Zealand chapter (TINZ) of the global organisation Transparency International (TI) since 2011.
    She has played a pivotal role in advocacy and leadership on matters of public and private sector integrity, accountability and good governance, and has been an effective advocate for anti-corruption mechanisms. She was project leader on two National Integrity System (NIS) assessments which have had positive influences on the New Zealand public sector and on anti-corruption law and policy approaches. She has led the Public Sector Leaders Integrity Forum and has also supported anti-corruption efforts across the Pacific.”
    And that useless fucker david carter,
    Wee davy.Pissing cows davy? Less than a dollar a kg for cross bred wool wee davy?
    Fuck off wee davy!
    “To be a Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit:
    The Right Honourable David Cunningham Carter, for services as a Member of Parliament and as Speaker of the House of Representatives
    Carter was Speaker of the House of Representatives from 2013 to 2017 and held ministerial portfolios in the fourth and fifth National governments.
    Carter was first elected to Parliament as the member for Selwyn in 1994, and was MP for Banks Peninsula from 1996 to 1999. He was Minister for Revenue and held associate ministerial portfolios from 1998 to 1999. He was Minister for Agriculture, Biosecurity and Forestry from 2008 to 2011, before becoming minister of the newly established Ministry for Primary Industries from 2011 to 2013.”

    • cb. Whilst I agree with your sentiments, there is no way that any current politician would re-nationalise ANYTHING. That would require knowledge, guts and concern for the fate of the country; do you see any indication of any of those attributes amongst our elected representatives? If so, please tell me, because I have seen none.

      15 years ago (at least) Derrick Jensen, speaking of America, began saying: “If we want salmon in the rivers we are going to have to blow up the dams.” Well, we know what would happen to anyone who got caught attempted such a thing: incarceration for the rest of their lives (or until the system collapses).

      I now believe we should show politicians no mercy when it cones to criticism of their mostly absurd policies, and should quietly make personal preparations for what is coming in the very near future because I after nearly fifty years of ignoring ‘Limits to Growth’, time has run almost run out

    • “but what do you reckon we do about it”
      Can’t speak for anyone else but personally I poured a third whiskey then put two small venison steaks into a frypan, added some frozen mixed veggies and topped it off with some rice left over from last nights meal.
      The fallow venison came via a nephews 7mm mag the rest via industrial civilization. Grateful for both as it stands.
      I shore my thirty odd sheep with the blades again. It was a poor hourly rate.
      It all comes down to choice.
      Do it or die.

    • That was a good article on Australia’s self-destructive big-business mindset, manfred

      In NZ the self-destructive big-business mindset is more subtle and quite well obfuscated. A lot of people genuinely believe we are ‘doing the right things’ as we march down the road of self-destruction towards self-annihilation.

      Where is the ice?

      Not here:


      Of course not all Australians are fuckwits:

      Dr Andrew Glikson
      Earth and Paleo-climate scientist
      ANU Climate Science Institute
      ANU Planetary Science Institute
      Canberra, Australia

      ‘An Orwellian climate while Rome burns
      by Andrew Glikson

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein.

      As the world is trying to hopefully recover from the tragic effects of COVID-19, it is reminded there is no vaccine for the existential threat for its life support systems posed by global warming, nor for the looming threats of future wars and nuclear wars fueled by warmongers and $trillion preparations by military-industrial complexes….’


      • I wonder if your not quite a “fuckwit” mp has ever read any thing on Arctic news,Seemorerocks,or anything remotely like that.
        They all seem to have ONE fact that they believe negates the wealth of evidence against their hopium. I can’t be bothered even engaging with them anymore.
        Congratulations on the move South. It was a plucky move at our age but a wise one imo.
        The further anyone is from what will soon be that ethnic powder keg shithole of Auckland, the better off they will be. Best of luck.

        • Well, as we all know, my not-quite-a-fuckwit MP is locked into dysfunction and believes in the benign nature of the system and that there is still time to fix matters, and creates faux rationales to justify when he does or doesn’t do -as do ALL members of parliament.

          I’m sure he hasn’t looked at Artic News or Seemorerocks etc. .

          I have already experienced many I-told-you-so-but-you-wouldn’t-listen moments over recent years. They are coming thicker and faster now.

          Another year of bullshit policies from Jacinda (or whoever is in power) should do the trick.

          I think it is only the lousy weather in the US and UK etc. at this time of the year that is stopping (delaying) the eruption of discontent amongst the masses.


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