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  1. I’ve always been reluctant to discuss (or rather should that be “have a conversation, in this space going forward”) about colonialism – simply because it’s the trendy thing to do these days.
    But check this out:

    Anyone else notice the various protagonists in this PR exercise?

    Hark! The natives doth get restless, and my guess is it’s only the beginning.

    Then of course there’s todays media releases on immigration, passport and wha wha wha mummy let me in issues with responses from a similar group of representatives from our “civil” service.

    Christ! what a pathetic little colonial outpost we still are.
    We get what we deserve even if we are prepared to sacrifice a load of lesser beings along the way.

    • It means a lot to have Rawiri Waiting and Packer in Parliament with the Maori Party so New Zealand is not totally lost. It’s made the Maori Caucus of The Labour Party uncomfortable and unafraid to debate variously because that’s what it takes to fight colonisation on an even playing field instead of yes sir, sorry sir. Right away sir.

      • Yep, well, as things stand, and after a lifetime, I’ll be voting MP next time round if I haven’t got death by then.
        After the two instances I’ve cited above: Kreshuns and INZ, IF Labour can still have any faith in their “officials”, Ministers and their enterage of advisors need to equip themselves with better bullshit detectors.
        Unfortunately, as things stand, they’ll prolly opt for a Ray Smith look-alike for Krekshuns, and maybe even a boss Hogg for Ummigration.
        Love to know if she’s related to Gordon – that’d explain everything.
        All hail the algorithm.
        Look forward to jumping from one crisis to the next emergency – or, out of the frying pan into the wok.

      • Ekshully, tell ya wot (wot Sam).
        When Jeremy has decided what world he’s walking in, if we have to still remain committed to the generic managerialism that has been pervasive over the last 30 years, perhaps he can consult some risk warning spreadsheet and come up with a solution. Imagine the treats and trinkets if he solved the “issue”. He’d truly be the full Hoani.
        Thank God we’re still worrying about 1st World problems though eh? because I worry we could directly jump to the 3rd without too much of a push.

        • I believe the crown is more important than ever. Before all we needed the crown for was to guarantee business, now we need the state for corona and corona is only a tiny pre tremor in the great Anthropocene of unorganised human chaos.

          Even with immigration/refugees and especially climate refugees even something as mighty as the crown isn’t enough. So the crown needs to expand, I think the Pacific leaders forum needs to expand to include some sort of South Pacific NATO for at least boarder security and economic patrols, corruption needs to be ruthlessly suppressed. And we need to fuck Indonesia out if PNG. One at a time I for one believe that will give everyone back home an extra zeal in there step.


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