Give Beneficiaries Money for Christmas – AAAP


Auckland Action Against Poverty supports the call from the Green Party to give everyone on a benefit a cash injection for Christmas.

“Everyone deserves to have a good Christmas, especially because of the year we’ve had. Everyone has had a particularly challenging year, but those of us who experience material hardship on the daily have found it extremely difficult. We are calling on the government to give everyone on a benefit a 2 week non recoverable grant for Christmas” says Auckland Action Against Poverty coordinator Brooke Stanley Pao.

“The Auckland City Mission said their phone lines were jammed because they received 42,000 calls in a day for their Christmas parcels, and we know many people and families who have missed out. The need in Tāmaki and across the country is so high. The government have indicated they’re not going to lift benefit levels this term and as we continue to push back they should at least give people some extra money to enjoy their Christmas.

“The government can show real kindness by giving everyone on a benefit a 2 week non recoverable grant payment, which will allow people and families to enjoy their Christmas this year. There’s no excuse for continuing to allow the type of unnecessary suffering that occurs here in New Zealand. We’re asking them to show some true Christmas spirit this 2020”.


  1. The least the middle class swine in the Labour Caucus could do. After all, under their high trust model of COVID capitalism, they gifted billions to employers, and millions to middle class, second tier $490 pw “COVID beneficiaries”. What is this Govt.’s problem? they certainly have the ability to payout a miserable Xmas bonus to vulnerable beneficiaries.

    Their problem is intractable loyalty to neo liberalism and the employing class–the few before the many. And crawling to Nat switchers that voted Labour ahead of delivering for the working class. Direct action is needed to put pressure on Labour.


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