Political Caption Competition


I’m not going to look. I’m not going to look. I’m not going to look.

He’s sitting directly behind me isn’t he?



  1. Time after time, election after election, the little public pig looked on in dismay as the politician pigs feed from the public trough.

  2. E-DECKHAND representatives called the local fisherman to a meeting where they were made to believe that the E-DECKHAND was compulsory

  3. Politician pigs decide to carry on glacial transformational goals whilst receiving only average NZ income, no perks, more than mental health workers. 120, flying pigs shot down that day.

  4. He does deserve, our riddicule. Him affore his seat,Monday night in the pub, come have a drink talk politic way him, was his Labour call, only problem them turning up, never had a calas on their hand and the understanding how to how it wis there. MALLARD, time your bike, get on it gone.


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