MEDIA WATCH: Ummmmmm – isn’t there ANOTHER problem with that Steinlager advert?


The Spinoff and The Standard are very cross with the Steinlarger TV advert because white people are made to look like the heroes and grrrrrrrr identity, diversity etc etc etc.



Great points.

Very on trend virtue signals there Comrades, and yes, white people, bad, grrr, fuck cracker!

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If we are finished with the identity politics remix isn’t there a far more serious problem with this Steinlager TV advert romanticising the nuclear free protests?


…the fact that Steinlager is owned by Lion, Lion owned by Kirin, Kirin is owned by Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi owns Uranium mines all around the planet?

Steinlager is doing nuclear free protest TV adverts all the while their Corporate master owns some of the largest Uranium Mines on earth!

Isn’t that a tad more hypocritical and far more damning than the identity politics lens that the Woke are locked into?

When Covid came out of China at the beginning of the year the woke be screaming criticism of China was Xenophobic…

…as the global death rate crosses over 1.6million, that tweet didn’t age well. When you lock yourself into an identity perspective on everything, you lose the bigger picture.

We should be scathing of Steinlarger, not just because they’ve focused on white people in their Nuclear Free advert, but because they are run by a corporation that owns some of the largest uranium mines on earth!!!

It’s hypocrisy of the highest kind, but we lose that perspective because the woke be screaming about identity representation in a fucking TV advert!


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  1. Things like this annoy me enough to want to boycott a product, but there’s a catch. I once bought some t-shirts from Cotton On and when I found out they were trying to remove their employees breaks I never went back. That was straight forward. But I haven’t had a steinlager for years. Because it tastes bad. Same goes for Lion Beers, but at the other end of the undrinkable scale. I’ve tasted Kirin, but of all the easy choices, why would I seek that out just to pay extra? I’m fairly sure I don’t own anything made by mitsubishi, unless it’s a tiny chip inside an electonic product somewhere. How the hell am I supposed to boycott something I don’t buy or can’t see? It’s like yesterday when the head of Pandora Jewelry sent an threatening email to staff that if they have time off over christmas they’re in for it. Whatever that means. It doesn’t sound legal, anyway. I mean, that isn’t legal, and I’ve been on the recieveing end of that sort of thing. There was so much wrong with it that i almost had a stroke before i remembered to breathe. But how can i boycott his franchise when I don’t buy his trinkets? I guess I should just be grateful i don’t live in their world, because it sounds and looks, and tastes, really bad.

  2. Sadly millennials have the attention span of a goldfish so working through the linkages to they get to the uranium mines would be too hard for most.

    Sadly Lion and their masters would have outsourced this ad to some woketard advertising agency that would have too lazy to do any research and too dumb to connect the dots.

    Care factor zero though as a previous poster explained the product tastes like cold rat urine.

  3. The issue is advertising and encouraging alcohol. The cause of so many of society’s problems.

    But white dudes on a yacht? That’s dead accurate isn’t it? But I don’t expect much from the wokey Standard other than ritualistic self flagellation for white men. They love that shit.

  4. Always pays to checkout the ownership chain when looking at corporate behaviour. Hopefully “someone” will let the Standard and Spinoff know of their omission, it is rather a biggie given one of the vital components of nuclear weapons happens to be…

    But in todays short attention span world–Tiktok anyone?–the damage is probably done. All sorts will now think some yachties saved the Pacific, when in fact it was a true bottom up peoples movement responsible. Same for Nuke Free NZ, it was won street by street, Council by Council, school by school and march and vigil by etc.

  5. Unfortunately the woke bigots at the spinoff are uncapable of joining the dots you have connected between steinlager and uranium Bomber, because that involves critical thinking, investigative journalism, an IQ above 85, and doing some real work.

  6. Completely unrelated but I have been thinking about people such as prominent lawyer Mai Chen lauding what is called ‘super diversity’ as if it is some kind of holy grail and I am at a loss as to why this is something we should be striving for.
    When was it decided that there was something wrong with what was a NZ with a mix of largely Pakeha / Maori / Pasifika and that this existing diversity had to be much further extended to essentially include as many other ‘peoples’ as possible?
    When was it decided that we had to become a ‘cosmopolitan’ society no different from New York or London therefore losing forever what it was that made us unique in the world?

    • James – When was it decided ? When we needed cheap labour, and also wanted to keep wages down – same as the UK bringing in West Indians and Pakistanis, except that the UK did actually have a major labour shortage and needed people to eg keep the public transport system functioning, but whether New Zealand had that sort of shortage I do not know, but doubt.

      • Why were wages in the Western world ‘higher’ than in the Third World in the first place.

        Of course because the West exploited the fuck out of non-Western world, and brought home the loot and sprinkled a few crumbs to their own working class.

        Don’t really care about what happens to the white working class. They can fuck themselves – they have been the willing foot soldiers of imperialism for over a hundred years.

      • And Pakistan and the West Indies were former British Colonies so many migrants either had British passports or were entitled to them. Snow White.

    • “When was it decided that we had to become a ‘cosmopolitan’ society no different from New York or London”

      It was never decided like that…what happened was the Labour Govt in the late 1980s made our immigration laws non-discriminatory. Diversity was then the natural outcome of this. Diversity per se was not the goal.

      Pakeha in the 1970s and 1980s were bemoaning Pasifika migration – hence the dawn raids that were popular among the Pakeha mainstream.

      • In fact the ‘white only’ priviledge was replaced by the points system in 1984, the same year the Fouth Labour Government won a landslide victory … and we all know what happened after that. But back to the point. Changes to immigration policy was most likely drafted by the National government pre-1984. I am not so sure diversity wasn’t the goal. The outcome of non-discrimantory immigration was surely known by policy makers.

        At first it wasn’t about cheap labour. That came much later. But it was about importing human capital. The first wave were wealthy Hong Kongers and Taiwanese, who ‘inversted’ in AO/NZ in return for their chidren’s education, leaving their care to their wives. But it didn’t last. Tax loopholes were closed and most returned, leaving their kids here. The second wave were primarliy from the PRC (but also Korea and South Africa). Contrary to polular belief the PRCers were not wealthy, but were mostly young and highly qualified. But for the most part they struggled with English and AO/NZ was not ready for the ‘Asian invasion’. They had difficulty fiiting in. Some retrained and made a ggod life here. Their children are mostly bilingual and most became high achievers in the school system. They are the new millenial professionals. Some newcomers, dissapointed by the lack of opportunities and overt racism left for Australia when they could.

        The third wave introduced far more complexity: temp workers and international students who could apply for the work-to-residence scheme upom completion of a four year degree. Its a policy caputured by business, certain indusustries in particular. Yes, the intention and the outcome was to drive down labour costs and raise profitability. Shameful that these industries are predicated on such expoitative practices. But the third wave will put up with a lot to gain PR. Its a simplication of the past four decades of course.

        • “Changes to immigration policy was most likely drafted by the National government pre-1984”

          That’s pure conjecture on your part. The fact is a discriminatory policy in favour of northern Europeans would not have gone down well with the non-white world that NZ was desperately trying to develop trade relations with, after the UK joined the EEC in the early 1970s.

          • @Mark: No not entirely conjecture. The points system was introduced in 1984 and I think little time for the Fouth Labour Government to draft and enact the changes. I may be wrong. Ricahrd Bedford is the reference to the date.

            But, yes, opening up AO/NZ to its pan-pacific neighbors after the formation of the EEC was a big factor. As was the recognition that AO/NZ was ‘under-populated’ and in need of human capital in a changing world.

        • Government knew that bringing in new residents without superannuation and health schemes in their own countries would impoverish NZ, but did it anyway as part of Rogernomics to remove free wealth in NZ by stealth and overloading demand.

          The woke helped them by not campaigning against the change of nationalities without social welfare in their own countries. Note pensions is the biggest cost to taxpayers in NZ, and demand is extreme now from new foreign pensioners able to access NZ pension money and free health care.

          This was predicted in 2011!

          “Grey Power is concerned about the impact on the underlying sustainability of NZ Superannuation by the current open immigration policy of the Government with its shift from traditional immigration sources to large numbers of migrants coming from Asian and African countries who do not have reciprocal pension agreements with New Zealand.

          “Now that the superannuation debate is back in the political arena it is important to recognise that a major contribution to the cost of New Zealand superannuation is being made by countries such as the UK, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, Greece and the Pacific Island countries where New Zealand has a formal cost sharing arrangement on pensions for people who have lived in both countries,” said Mr Roy Reid, President of Grey Power New Zealand.

          “With increasingly high immigration levels from non-traditional countries such as China, Korea, India, South Africa and Zimbabwe where retirement pensions schemes like New Zealand’s do not exist, and there are no reciprocal offset agreements in place, there are already stresses developing with blending older people who have come to New Zealand late in life into the New Zealand Superannuation system.”

          Likewise health care…
          Migrants’ parents cost NZ ‘tens of millions’

          You can even Ponzi more pensioners into NZ with 11 day online romances.

  7. The woke won’t be happy until we become like our betters like China who loves human rights and freedom of speech (sarcasm)

    “China’s government sees human rights as an existential threat. Its reaction could pose an existential threat to the rights of people worldwide.

    At home, the Chinese Communist Party, worried that permitting political freedom would jeopardize its grasp on power, has constructed an Orwellian high-tech surveillance state and a sophisticated internet censorship system to monitor and suppress public criticism. Abroad, it uses its growing economic clout to silence critics and to carry out the most intense attack on the global system for enforcing human rights since that system began to emerge in the mid-20th century.”

    or India a country full of wonderful diversity according to the woke…
    ” India’s dark past of mass killings, most of which is upon a religious or a minority community. 58 years on after India ratified the Genocide convention, domestic laws still fail to recognise mass crimes against humanity and Genocide.”

    Woke believe NZ is so racist we need to beat ourselves everyday, drive more to suicide, and ultimately celebrate our woke diversity betters who judging by the silence seem to be the above groups because I don’t seem them worrying about the above.

    Also the post is completely right about the irony of a uranium company advertising nuclear free. Marketing does not need to have any truth or integrity to it in our globalist culture where fake news abounds.

    • “China’s government sees human rights as an existential threat. Its reaction could pose an existential threat to the rights of people worldwide.”

      Did you pull that quote out of your asshole? China does not give a fuck how we run our own affairs here.

      It is Australia and NZ who have stuck their noses into Hong Kong and Xinjiang etc, issues that are internal to China and have absolutely nothing to do with us.

  8. There is a relatively simple solution to the issue Paul Thomas raises at #1 concerning how do we know what products are connected to which particular strand of the general evil that is corporate consumerism.
    We live in a society where successive governments have successfully neutered the right of citizens to withdraw their labour in any organised manner.

    In addition the reduced rate of workforce participation is not just part of the problem regarding striking, I.E. there so no cultural revulsion at scabbing any more, even a general strike would no longer involve sufficient of the masses to generate the wave of opposition essential to bring about change. Too many don’t have real employment to withdraw their labour from.

    IMO the solution is to use consumerism against itself. Putting together a database of all products that, say, have a connection to Occupied Palestine, or are connected to egregious environmental destruction, or were know to profit from child labour is an achievable goal, then make a phone app that connects to the database so that people such as myself who do not want to support zionism any time ever, or who don’t want to give economic support to environmental destructors, can select the issues which concern them most.

    Then when they are about to make a purchase they fire up the app, scan or photograph the product and the database tells them if there are issues with their prospective purchase.
    Such an app could do much more than that, with a database that is regularly and accurately updated it could direct consumers of a product that didn’t cross their particular boundaries, to where they can get the best deal etc.

    Any such project would need to be managed by an elected group, so organising all of us in a way that
    meets our individual beliefs in an objective, non-tendentious way could be both powerful & uncontroversial.

    • Yep. Back when I first went to live in London during the anti-apartheid era, activists stickered. imported Sth African products in the supermarkets; we quickly got to know which brands to boycott.

  9. Ahhh yes diversity! the lefts lover/safety blanket/camraderie all rolled into one.
    BUT the diversity is by no means equal as represented in real life…what the left want (sorry, demand) is never what the population is a reflection of.
    Maori are 12-15%, Islanders about the same, asians nearer 20%.
    So if a group on a NZ TV advert or NZ made program had 10 people as main cast or part of a panel 5 would be european/white, 2 Asian and the other 3 Maori/Islanders.
    Guess if that were the case you would all be crying racist? as the lefts version of ‘diversity’ is nothing like reality and the ‘feel good factor’ would have it 1 white, 1 asian and 8 Maori/islanders….
    And of course 2-3 places for disabled/gay/trans?
    I guess it keeps you all busy and outraged which means you are happy, after all a miserable virtue signalling leftie is in its natural state/habitat.

  10. I’m assuming that the labour party is embarrassed now that they let the standard become so closely identified with them recently.. Bunch of pretentious blowhards.. LPrent actually called me a “right wing nut job” once when I called out one of his BFF’s… That made a lot of sense (sarc) as I’ve been a committed socialist ever since Winston peters showed me just what being a tory was all about (and make no bones about it)… The spinoff looks more like a creche for wannabe journalists who haven’t figured out what journalism actually entails yet.. In short, the real tragedy is that there are still enough people who waste their time with the utter drivel on offer on both sites to keep these cretins in business.. What sort of journalist doesn’t even come close to the real reason the Frogs were forced underground in the first place, which was the beginning of the end for testing by the Frogolians in the Pacific.. Does any of you boys and girls know what that reason was? I suppose the brains behind these pretend bastions of intelligentsia either have no clue as to the actual events leading up to them being forced to compromise on their testing methods… For the (sub)standard this is unforgivable, as they pretended to be the voice of the labour movement… I’ll give you all a clue..…. THAT, boys and girls, was why the Rainbow Warrior was sunk in Auckland harbour… These halfwit, woke morons wouldn’t have the first idea… We should be screaming for Stienlager to be dispossessed of their sponsorship rights, as they are insulting the hard work, sacrifices, and the bravery of the last real leader NZ had.. Norman Eric Kirk.

  11. Got a job, workin for this exploiter, sayin, americas cup its our new zealand cup, first time winning,then slauter every water race since winning again, shall our culture bourgiouse say us our New Zealand cup, fuck should our skill waged exploited doin say, should it be our exploited labour skilled cup.

  12. Ever been in a place like, coronation st. Course never,only on the tele, our humanity.He how you, knowing sailing these boats.

  13. SHOULD we listen to this new American control, saying Union jobs union jobs union jobs waged care union paid jobs,

  14. Off course it was white guys on a yacht.

    1 They are the target market
    2 They are the only who own or can afford to moor one.
    What an insult this really is to the proud nuclear free movement that accomplished so much and showed that our country could stand firm while being harassed by a number of western countries for our independent foreign policy.
    This ridiculous ad has been thought up by well paid marketing people who won’t even really know about the history involved here.
    It is a legacy that should not be tarnished so Steinlager can get more people pissed.
    But then it is a marketing exercise by a corporate that steals a part of our history to make money.
    I don’t suppose anyone will be boycotting Lion in response.

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