Trev’s woke definition of rape cost us $333k???


Wait, WHAT?

Trev’s woke definition of rape has cost us half a Parliamentary slide set?

Trevor Mallard defamation case: Settling Speaker’s false rape claim against staffer costs taxpayers $333,000 – National

Speaker Trevor Mallard’s false ‘rape’ claim about a Parliament staffer has cost taxpayers more than $333,000 to resolve and National says it has now lost confidence in him.

The bill included a $158,000 ex-gratia payment to the former staffer to settle the defamation claim – and more than $175,000 was spent on legal fees.

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Mallard issued a public apology to the staffer this week, which was released the afternoon of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch terror attacks.

…let’s remind ourselves what Trev’s woke definition of rape was again…

The man claimed the three allegations were related to hugging a colleague, complimenting another colleague on her hair, and kissing another on her cheek as he said goodbye to her after she visited him and his wife for tea.

However, the first complainant alleged he hugged her from behind, pushing his groin up against her, and that he was staring at the breasts of the woman who’s hair he complimented.

…so a hug from behind and a glance at breasts is Labour’s new woke definition of rape?

If only Labour cared about the 22 000 desperate Kiwi’s on emergency housing wait lists, or the 1 in 5 children living in poverty or all those generations shut out of home ownership in one of the worst property speculative inequality bubbles in history as they do about woke definitions of rape.


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  1. Mallard knew this was going to happen and he still allowed himself to by voted into the role of Speaker . The only other politican I know who would act this way is our friend Mr Trump.Like Trump he is a bully and will try to ride it out .
    He has put Jacinda and the Labour party in a bad spot and it will be interesting to see how it is handled.


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