Waterstone 2021 Political Predictions podcast with special guest David Seymour


What will the next year hold for our Political Parties and what will be the big domestic and international economic issues, Covid predictions, geopolitical predictions and what possible curve ball prediction might occur?


  1. Are the doom and gloom predictions on the effects of the tourism down turn realistic? Certainly we’ve lost the international traveler but traditionally they made up only a third of the inbound market. Business travel made up roughly a third of the total as did the Visiting Friends and Relatives segment. Business will still be done, but over Zoom rather than in the flesh, likewise, the VFR group are still arriving and largely staying on, negating the effects of the down turn in numbers. The domestic market is at least over fifty percent of the travelling public and add to that the massive numbers of Kiwis who won’t be travelling abroad but will likely travel within New Zealand as an alternative. Case in point, we and our neighbours are off to Nelson next year rather than Bali and Thailand respectively.

  2. David Seymour and Damien Grant don’t understand MMT. When the Government “prints” money it is issued as debt that it owes itself. And yes, you collect the interest on your own debt! The Government, because it has the power to issue currency, can literally “borrow” money to itself. Think about this for a second, if you could borrow money from yourself, would you pay it back? Yeah, exactly.
    Japan has been running ZIRP and deficit spending for nearly 30 years. Debt to GDP ratio is at an eye-watering 240%. Anyone here seriously think Japan is nearing a default? How can you even default on debt you owe to yourself? This is the “magic” of MMT.


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