GUEST BLOG: Murray Horton – Report Confirms Need To Abolish GCSB; Close Waihopai Spy Base; & Get Out Of Five Eyes


One monotonously expressed defence of the Waihopai spy base (operated by the NZ Government Communications Security Bureau – GCSB) is that it defends NZ from terrorists.

No, it doesn’t.

That was dramatically shown on March 15th, 2019, when a fascist white foreign (Australian) terrorist murdered 51 people at the two mosques in Christchurch and attempted to murder 40 more.

The GCSB totally missed the worst act of terrorism on NZ soil.

It was two country cops that ended the mass murderer’s rampage; the spies were conspicuous by their absence throughout the whole thing.

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That is because Waihopai and the GCSB define “terrorists” as per the instructions of their Five Eyes biggest Big Brother, the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the American “war in terror” in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq.

They spied on the victims, not the perpetrators.

They spied on the community of the murdered, not the murderer.

They turned a blind eye to the real terrorists already here.

The GCSB’s reason for existence is electronic spying, both international and domestic (it has been legal to spy on New Zealanders since the Key government legalised the previously illegal practice).

Brenton Tarrant was a foreigner living in New Zealand, whose whole life was lived online in the racist, fascist, murderous backwaters of the Internet.

Our electronic spies were oblivious to him.

They were too busy being the most junior Eye of the Five Eyes,  doing the bidding of their Big Brothers.

Which begs the question – if this spy base and the GCSB can’t even protect us from terrorists, what useful purpose do they serve?

Certainly nothing for the NZ people.

For more than 30 years Waihopai has been NZ’s most significant contribution to Washington’s global effort to dominate the world.

And for more than 30 years the Anti-Bases Campaign has protested at Waihopai, calling for its closure.

We will be there again on Saturday January 30.

Waihopai, the GCSB and Five Eyes do nothing to protect New Zealand from terrorists.

Waihopai must be closed, the GCSB must be abolished, and NZ must get out of Five Eyes.

None of them serve any useful purpose for the New Zealand people.

As for the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) – it proved woefully short of security, intelligence or service in this case.

Shut it down and let the Police assume its functions, if deemed necessary.

The cops have to be (theoretically, at least) accountable in court for their actions.

The SIS is secret, unaccountable and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Murray Horton is the Secretary/Organiser of Anti-Bases Campaign


  1. In my mind the whole thing is a protection racket
    If we don’t play ball , vital “intelligence” will not be shared with us .Stand by for an attack on us or our interests
    NZ may be the most junior partner of 5 Eyes, but our value is in our willingness to morally endorse the stupid and immoral wars/ sanctions/propaganda of the US.
    Our good reputation is leveraged, and in the process we’ll lose it

  2. “Brenton Tarrant was a foreigner living in New Zealand, whose whole life was lived online in the racist, fascist, murderous backwaters of the Internet.”.

    His online life was more the front page waters that racist, fascist users visit and post on ,,,, Twitter , youtube and facebook ,,,where he livestreamed his sick attack.

    Another reason to get out of 5 eyes is the two big eyes are doing this to children

    Which makes them no different from the people who did this

    We’ve been letting these fuckers do this in our name for to long ,,,,

    Agent Orange was used to spray food crops in Vietnam ,,, starvation then, deformations and cancer now

    Starvation through sanctions and war crimes

  3. THANK YOU. I can’t wait, (an Anti Base Campaign revival tour). Wow!

    I’m already singing that song; “Bringin’ On Back The Good Times”, in my head.

    I may not get there with you, but you (committed) will get to that promised event. Those who don’t have binoculars can stand on the mountaintop hillside down there and view with awe what will take place. It could actually be miraculous.

    That brotherhood had the right idea, I guess, (Leason, Murnan & Co).

    Man, did they CRIPPLE that facility, or wat!?

    In any case, this time, please, please, please let’s ALL try to take advantage of the fine wines that will be available to all attending down there in the Waihopai Valley, (and bring either a packed lunch or a picnic hamper and a high quality, expensive, imported woolly lined sleeping bag).

  4. Yeah I reckon close ’em down and leave the 5 eyes.

    Its like watching some cheap American melodrama and about as useful too. Except that these geeks actually believe they serve a useful purpose. I guess their right,… if you like all things Americana. Protecting our trade? ,.. HA ! ,… One outburst from China and we all baulk. No,… they can take their pseudo SWAT teams and their wet dreams about yelling FREEZE !!! while pointing a magnum pistol at the baddies back to New York.

    And as for John Key and his mass surveillance shit from America? – he can go and piss off back there as well, the sawn off little pony tail pulling traitor.

  5. Well put Murray. Your SIS file likely just got a little bigger, and several snoops may get some overtime!

    Good points all that you make. An independent foreign policy too, and being truly non aligned, might open up opportunities for NZ with mutually beneficial bilateral trade. And citizens could show solidarity with Palestinians or West Papuans or whoever they like without Washington, or the yank’s Deputy Dogs in Canberra dictating otherwise.


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