Why is Judith drawing attention to the Muller Coup?

National are having a bad come down

What on earth is she doing???

National’s Judith Collins opens up about the ‘unhelpful decision’ made when Todd Muller took over

Judith Collins has opened up about the “unhelpful decision” made to shelve policy developed under the National Party leadership of Simon Bridges when Todd Muller took over.

Reflecting on 2020, which she admitted was not one of National’s “stellar years”, Collins spoke to Magic Talk about some of the elements that may have led to such a heavy election defeat for the party, including the coup against Simon Bridges.

I’m not sure you really want to be reminding people about the Todd Muller Coup because it says terrible things about the National Party.

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Combine all the false confidence of a tall man with middle management over achievement aspirations and the naked cowardice of backbench MPs who suddenly feared becoming unemployed and you had National Party values at their most self interested and traitorous.

Panicked clowns literally shooting holes in their own lifeboat.

Muller was Cunliffe, Shearer and Phil Twyford all rolled into one.

That the MPs spooked and traitorously turned against Bridges, (who had been assured he had the full support of the Party until after the election), is the biggest hurdle to National moving forward as half the caucus betrayed the other half in a needless mutilation that probably cost them not just the Election, but started a terminal decline in their Party.

Giving that act of self sabotage oxygen is probably something that should occur alone with a therapist, not on radio. All Judith is doing here is remind everyone how fractured the Party has become and what an impossible task of rebuilding will be.


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  1. Clever move by Collins I think. She is sending a message to her caucus and the Party that the last time they dumped a leader and picked a tall white middle manager who shaves his head it all turned to shit.

  2. i think they will roll collins in latter half of 2021 that would give luxifer some sackem and restructure time and get his lies ready for the election


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