Mosque attack report is an extraordinary whitewash of State responsibility


The Mosque attack report is an extraordinary whitewash of State responsibility.

I can see why there’s a 30year secrecy clause if this pile of rubbish is all they can front with.


How many acronyms does it take to catch a white supremacist terrorist?

These agencies, most of which you won’t recognise, form the Intelligence apparatus of NZ, they cost anywhere up to a $100million a year and their job is to keep us safe from the unimaginable.

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Let’s also not forget they have mass surveillance powers now with the 5 Eyes hardware.

Where were they while this Australian white supremacist plotted this atrocity? How could he study key word White supremacy philosophy online and not ping on anyones radar? How could he have had multiple complaints from other members of his Gun club and that not be a red flag? The Muslim community itself was complaining directly to Police about a rise in street violence.

Why were they ignored?

The almost childish response of hate speech laws as a solution to a fundamental failure of the entire Intelligence Apparatus is intellectually puerile and the decision to include gender in that hate speech change has nothing whatsoever to do with the issue of terrorism!

There was clearly a failure with the gun licence process but the wider issue of how a $100million dollar a year agency tasked with keeping us safe missed this terrorist hasn’t been addressed in this report.

The Free Speech ‘solution’  Labour will take on is a self imploding woke culture war trap  that will manage to only polarise the debate even further.

ACT is the only winner here.

The solutions beyond the hate speech law are all pretty underwhelming.

• Placing Minister Andrew Little in charge of co-ordinating the Government’s response to the report and implementation of its recommendations

This was a bureaucratic failure of the entire Intelligence Bureaucracy and Labour’s solution is more Bureaucracy?

• Establishing a Ministry for Ethnic Communities to support the work programme on social cohesion

Sure, but the Muslim Community had already complained about a serious rise in street violence, so how will a new Ministry fix that?

• Establishing a new agency within police called Te Raranga, The Weave which will respond to alleged hate crimes

Sure. That’s fine.

• Extending the Safer Communities Fund so communities at risk of hate crime can upgrade their security arrangements


• Creating and Ethnic Communities Graduate Programme in the public service

Good idea.

• Establishing a National Centre of Excellence to bring together academia, civil society and government to research radicalisation and violent extremism and social cohesion in New Zealand


• Amending the Terrorism Suppression Act to strengthen counter-terrorism legislation

Hmmm. What? What does that entail exactly?

• Creating an early intervention programme to develop wrap-around support for individuals who show early signs of radicalisation. This will be led by police


But none of that answers the core issue, how did our entire Intelligence services miss this and why?

Forcing through Religious and gender hate speech laws as a response to such a terminal cascade failure of security is too Nu Zilind for words.

This tragedy deserved more than virtue signalling.

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  1. Skimming through the report:

    Findings: no problems in agencies sharing information, no prior information to indicate this threat.

    Counter terrorism: concentrated on Islamic terrorism, this did not affect efforts in this case.

    Recommendations: new intelligence and security agency.

    So they consider themselves beyond reproach, this a good opportunity for more bureaucracy and a ministerial portfolio.

    I suggest they call their new agency the Bureau of Security, the apt acronym BS.

  2. The take out I get is it’s clearly obvious these spy agencies were not, as rumour had it, spying on us after all.

    Which will be the reason these organisations missed this individual. He was just one of so many weirdos.

    Agree about the firearm licensing issues. It was treated by these so called guardians for public safety like we live under the Second Amendment.

    • I thought all our metadata gets swept up and over to the USA for analysis, and it is probably they who the govt is protecting – their stuff-up, focusing on the folk who eg sign their emails Allahu Akbar and Shalom; the USA has at times been stridently anti -Muslim since the Twin Towers, hence that’s where their focus would be, and whither goest thou I goest too; Key also did some Jihadi bride alarmist thing, which everyone took with a couple of kilos of salt. We had to justify being in Afghanistan, interacting with various changing fundamentalist groups -which we helped to create, being seen as part of the foreign terror great Satan.

  3. Basically the cops unlawfully handed unlimited guns to an Australian who obviously (even under the old laws) shouldn’t have been handed guns. One knee jerk reaction later and we have a lot of guns banned at huge expense, laws changed, and finally a useless report. None of this was necessary if the first sentence of this paragraph had been addressed. And people here wonder why ACT is gaining in popularity.

  4. It came out in the wash. Malheureusement, I caught a few minutes of TV One News. Pretty obvious the SIS was looking in the opposite direction and the police were going through the motions — all the crap they get away with when the lights aren’t on them. No whitewash, the massive bureaucratic response is too much but it made me feel safer from the insanity of America.

    • But this looks like the insanity of America. As far as I know, the head of the SIS came from John Key’s office, and John did appear a bit spell bound by the USA.

      When Ms Kitteridge said in an interview that she thought the work of the SIS would make good reality television viewing, it stunned me. That job is paid very well to protect people, not entertain them, and it has to be taken reasonably seriously; nor is reality television great viewing.

      Any complaints about lack of funding or lack of focus, come too late for the dead and the bereft. That initial apparent focus on the optics, rather than on the gravitas of the SIS’s function, seemed inappropriate, but perhaps that is the way the SIS has always been, who knows. Their apparently being complicit in the sexual abuse of a young woman goes beyond abhorrent, but again this could be government failure to appreciate that it is real people’s lives that get affected by their actions, and that we are not little brown and white cyphers.

  5. It came out in the wash. Malheureusement, I caught a few minutes of TV One News. Pretty obvious the SIS was looking in the opposite direction and the police were going through the motions — all the crap they get away with when the lights aren’t on them. No whitewash, the massive bureaucratic response is too much but it made me feel safer from the insanity of America.

    Fox News was half of the Trump attempted coup. Or, ‘free speech’. Or in my view shouting fire in the crowded theatre. We need to deal with this, while allowing continued arguments for and against ideas.

  6. The report highlights the deep embedded discrimination and racism that exist in our police force. All the policies in the world won’t make a difference until attitudes in many of our government departments change and this is right across the board not just the police. Having another independent agency won’t make a difference just another layer of bureucracy with more of the same people working for it. Apologising is good but not when you keep hearing the same message but it doesn’t match the necessary action. The terrorist was able to go unnoticed and go about his plan unimpeded cause he was white. The fact he got his hands on so much weapons is an indictment of how our systems and those working in these system treat people differently depending on their colour and ethnicity. This needs to stop in the meantime we have face recognition technology and racist algorithms being held up as valuable crime solving tools. Would either of these tools have sifted out the white supremacist that killed 51 innocent people nah! somehow how I doubt it.

  7. You can see that this is going to provide a two tiered justice system, aka NZ is awash with random violence aka

    “Police are investigating after a teenage boy was brutally beaten up by four men in West Auckland while out for a run.

    As the badly bashed teen begins his recovery, his mum has revealed she is now considering moving her family out of Auckland.”

    “Jacob Van Lieshout never saw the flip-bladed knife used to stab him in the back and slash him across his face and upper body as he stepped inside a lift.

    The attack left Jacob, now 17, needing surgery, more than 300 stitches, including 74 on his face, and facing plastic surgery and re-evaluating his professional basketball aspirations.

    Last week, Tomas Sanchez, 19, the teenager responsible for the December 9 attack last year at the Quest Kingsview Apartments building, was jailed for four years.

    A police summary of facts, released to the Bay of Plenty Times, revealed Sanchez told the police he was angry at Jacob for “propositioning his girlfriend” during a camping trip and the pair had formerly been in the same friend group.”

    The money should go to police to keep every ethnic group safe, instead we will have NZ’s taxes split between more and more departments vying for cash. AKA “a new agency within police called Te Raranga, The Weave which will respond to alleged hate crimes”….

    The problem in NZ is that there is more interest in lobbying for money for more and more departments and niche groups who are better at lobbying for cash and arse covering, and not enough money given to overall results to keep NZ safer.

  8. Have heard that the reason SIS missed picking up on Tarrant is because they were concentrating on the potential threat posed by Islamic terrorists – and to be honest given the sheer numbers of Islamic terrorist attacks in countries such as France of course they would be concentrating on Muslims . . and do we also know how many (if any) attacks etc by Muslims were picked up by SIS before they went any further?
    What happened was clearly a tragedy but personally I think it is only logical that if they were to concentrate on one particular group it would be Islamic terrorists.

    • You mean they have all those organisations and they can’t do two things, come on, the whole bloody thing is a disgrace, like White Island, Cave Creek, Pike River, the CTC building, many other appalling things that have happened, we live in cowboy country, don’t pretend we are the first world.

      More bloody money for the blood suckers I expect.

    • The woke scream at us that anyone with even the mildest concern about Islamic extremism is racist, xenophobic, and probably a white supremacist, probably also a rapist and sexist and… (you get the idea). The reality is as you say, Islamic extremists outweigh extremists from other identity groups to a large factor. I have Muslim family members, these people are no threat to anyone, and this is true of the vast majority of Muslim people. But there are some who we need to be very concerned about. In the years following the world trade center disaster, and with the atrocities we saw constantly from the ‘Islamic State’ thugs and their constant promises to export jihad around the world, if our security people had not focused on this group it would have been grossly negligent and incompetent. Imagine the outcry if we had had an Islamist attack here while our security agencies had been watching Christian churches, or trying to find white supremacists! Worldwide we do not see the same tendency to violence from Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist etc fanatics. All this talk suggesting that Islamic extremism is now impossible because of Tarrants atrocities is a fool. Any kind of religious or political extremism needs to be watched carefully

  9. • Creating an early intervention programme to develop wrap-around support for individuals who show early signs of radicalisation. This will be led by police.
    You think this is wonderful? Who decides who needs … and lets call it what it is.. re-education? The police? Don’t make me laugh..
    Don’t get me wrong. If someone is dangerously radicalized there needs to be intervention, but its a fine line between this and the Chinese camps to “re-educate” Uyghur Muslims. Or is it a case of.. It couldn’t happen here? I’m pretty sure the Uyghur’s thought that too.

  10. The parotted suggestion that the SIS, GCSB, et al, were “under resourced”, does not gel with the increased budgetting for these agencies during the Key-led government;

    As I reported last year, both the GCSB and NZSIS enjoyed a considerable increase in funding over a decade:


    2008/09: $48,888,000 (up $8,543,000 from 2007/08)

    2018/19: $158,029,000


    2008/09: $36,889,000 (up $3,138,000 from 2007/08)

    2018/19: $82,843,000

    This at a time when other state agencies either had their funding reduced in real terms; frozen; or only marginally increased.

    So it’s not the resourcing/funding that is at issue here; it’s what they were doing with the massive powers of the State and the hundreds of millions of tax dollars thrown at these two, and other, organisations.

    In reality, the SIS, GCSB, Police, et al, screwed up because they were looking in the wrong place. Instead of right-wing threats they were focused on Leftists, bloggers, people of Islamic faith, Maori activists, greenies, peace activists, etc.

    White supremacy was not on the security agencies “radar” because, simply, white supremacists looked like “us”. They were not “The Other”.

    • They are following patriotic bloggers and commenters? When I say patriotic I mean social democrats but not excluding those on the Right who don’t know that’s where their decency comes from.

      I’m sure we’ve educated a fair few of the spies if that’s the case.

  11. When people enter any of our public service agencies, they enter a system that operates under neo-liberal generic managerialist theory. A corporatised system that’s now four decades into it being bedded in. They are orienteered into it, controlled and constrained by it. It becomes their orthodoxy, their normality, and more often than not something that never needs to be questioned. After a while as they satisfy their career aspirations and climb the ranks, it never occurs to them that the system they operate in might need review – just as it did prior to the 1980s reforms.

    One paternalistic, we-know-best system imported from the Empire with all its little hierarchical pecking orders swapped out in favour of another – a corporatised one that’s now proven to be worse.

    (Although a slight exaggeration to demonstrate a point), the 80s brought in this supposed new-improved system in which each little fiefdom has its own God, drawn either from a pool of Gods that skip from one fiefdom to another, or are parachuted in from offshore on the basis of their ‘experience’, commitment and adherence to the orthodoxy.

    The God takes credit for any successes, and blames the peons when there are failures. The God is protected by all means fair or foul and shall not be questioned. God is Master of the Universe.

    God can fail to meet their little purchase agreement ‘deliverables’ and ignore all KPIs and any other ‘measurables’ without consequence. There’s language in place to be trotted out anytime there’s some sort of failure that’s become a bit embarrassing. It usually goes along the lines of “Sorry, we’ve reviewed our processes and procedures [again] and taken steps to ensure we’ll do better next time” [next]. And usually delivered by some failed hack that either couldn’t make it in 4th Estate or wanted a cushier higher-paying life and lifestyle.
    A true God comes of age when he or she reaches the level where they’re mutually able to have a responsible Minister and themselves pissing in each other’s pockets. MBIE is expert at it (and may even have been able to capture some of its Ministers in the current government), OT and its predecessor have managed to get away with it far too long, MSD has had an easy target in Sepuloni. And then of course there’s NZTAs, Corrections and various others.

    Little wonder diversity and cultural understanding, or progressive policy take a back seat.
    Little wonder once ground-breaking legislation such as the OIA aimed at providing transparency and accountability is treated with such disdain – it couldn’t possibly survive if a God and his/her fiefdom is to be preserved.

    Occasionally you’ll get ethical and decent people pushing the shit uphill – such as Ombudsmen and Children’s Commissioners but the trick is to have them neutered by various means, such as under-resourcing their offices or giving them no powers of enforcement.
    You might even get a Commissioner of Police that’s ten times better than his predecessor and wants to make a difference. You can even get a Bloomfield who gets undermined by various means.

    Unfortunately, Labour seem to have bought into it all. Or should that be brought into it all. I’m not sure – ultimately it’s somethink like that though in that space going forward. I really wish they’re get with their rootings or cut the fucking pretence.

    But as far as our supposedly non-partisan, apolitical public service goes there are questions that remain and will always be inescapable when the natives finally get restless enough to revolt (as they will) and demand change. Even a bit of transformation and kindness wouldn’t be a bad start.

    The Mosque Attack report has delivered absolutely NO surprises as far as I’m concerned, or was expecting.
    We’ve yet to see whether Andrew Little is merely being diplomatic, or whether he too has be bought and sold (after Pike River, I’d almost be ready to understand why)

  12. “The almost childish response of hate speech laws as a solution to a fundamental failure of the entire Intelligence Apparatus is intellectually puerile and the decision to include gender in that hate speech change has nothing whatsoever to do with the issue of terrorism!”

    Agreed. Hate speech – whatever it is – appears to be irrelevant. And including gender in updated laws is bizarre. It’s wokery.

    It’s clear that security agencies here were focused on Islamism. As well they might be, given what’s been happening in Europe. And continues to happen, also in the ME, Egypt, and various other parts of the world, vocal protests by local Muslims notwithstanding.

    The gun licensing failures surprised me. Many years ago, a work colleague had to renew their sporting shooter’s licence. I well remember the rigorous process followed at that time. I’d assumed that those rules were still in force.

    I’m irritated by the reference to “ethnic” communities. We’re all members of one ethnic group or another: in some cases, several. I wish the report’s authors would refrain from beating about the ethnic bush and just straightforwardly say who it is they’re referring to. Do they mean Muslims? If so, that’s a religion, not an ethnicity. Do they mean people who aren’t white? Why cannot they just say so, for heaven’s sake!

    I remarked to my household members this morning that the likely consequence of critique of security agencies will be that the pendulum will wildly over-correct. And as those agencies obsessively focus on sundry loony right-wing fringe-dwellers, they’ll miss the next terrorist attack. Which may well be Islamist, judging by what’s been happening in Europe very recently. Note Vienna, just in the last little while.

    Whereas, on evidence in NZ to date, said loony right-wingers are more likely to cut themselves shaving, than to hurt any of the rest of us.

    Lest we all forget: this Tarrant fellow is an Australian. He’s not a NZer, and we citizens shouldn’t be expected to wear the responsibility for what he did.

    • D esstere read the christchurch killers manisfesto ,,,and despite its author explicitly stating he was racist ,,,, Desstrere claimed he was anti Muslims ,,, which almost sounds like a excuse when we read it with her above writing

      Destter ,,,,, “focused on Islamism. As well they might be, given what’s been happening in Europe. And continues to happen, also in the ME, Egypt, and various other parts of the world, vocal protests by local Muslims notwithstanding. ”

      If we were to look at any measure or metrics of terror attacks or bombings ,,,, Then the west would attack Muslims on a scale that is thousands of times more deadly , destructive , and repetitive .,,,

      What relatively little “blow back” ‘the west gets is almost wholly created out of revenge for our 5 eyes / Nato terrorism ,,,

      Same with the refugee / immigration problem into Europe—- “Costs of War: After 9/11 Attacks, U.S. Wars Displaced at Least 37 Million People Around the World”

      The amount and tonnage of usa ? Nato explosives dropped on and fired at the Syrian city of Raqqa ,,,, would be thousands of times more than all the Muslim ‘terror bombings’ for the last century. —- ” With more than 80% of Raqqa destroyed, Margaret Huang, executive director of Amnesty International USA, says the situation has an unambiguous cause: the U.S. coalition airstrikes. All the city’s schools have been destroyed, as have most of the hospitals,”

      A “Death Trap” in Raqqa: Amnesty Finds U.S.-Led Coalition Killed More Than 1,600 Syrian Civilians 2min mark

      Britain’s two biggest terror attacks since the year 2000 ,,, were direct blow back from their spooks and army training, arming and using Islamic extremists,,,, for fucking over Afghanistan and Libya.

      In the usa “white supremacists” Cary out the most attacks and killings and they are a sub group of right wing extremists who commit over 70% of their attacks and killings

      Let us not forget that Tarrant was a ANZAC member of a fucked up NZ gun club that received a police complaint because of it’s nutter members ,,, ie NZers like Tarrent.

      “a former soldier who says police were dismissive when he reported a dangerous culture and ‘homicidal fantasies’ at the Dunedin gun club the mosque attacker was a member of.”

      “Bruce Rifle Club’s vice president Scott Williams has confirmed to RNZ that Brenton Tarrant has been a member since last year.
      He said he never gave anyone cause for concern.”

      One wonders why Desstere would try and bullshit her way around that ?.

      “director Taika Waititi has criticised his home country of New Zealand as “racist as fuck”.

  13. They say they may tell you the truth in thirty years time. God willing, you may know the truth by then, but if you do it will not be because “they” finally told you what happened.
    For a regime based on the big lie, the story around the Al Nor massacre is the biggest lie of all.
    Overseas journalists have described the handling of this case as “dimly lit”. We can be more honest and direct. The colonial regime (including its media) has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal the truth about Brenton Tarrant. In the process, the principle of open justice in New Zealand has been dealt a fatal blow. If the nature of Tarrant’s offending can and should be hidden from the New Zealand public, then why stop there? Of course it won’t stop there. Whenever it suits the regime (for a range of diverse reasons) it will conceal judicial proceedings with political implications under a veil of secrecy.
    This case is particularly egregious because Tarrant’s crime was so extraordinarily brutal.

  14. Is the solution to quadruple funding building up for agencies and have them monitor all communications with everyone ‘just in case?’ And follow up on every hint of anything.

    Any comments made against any person or group checked out just in case the person making it is a lunatic?

    All those seeking a gun licence should be subject to rigorous, thorough investigation? (That wouldn’t deal with the gun owners already out here or the illegals.)

  15. If the stupid Peelers has actually started to enforce the then current & previous NZ Firearms Act like most of us legal firearms users have been saying for yrs. For example like moving the E Cat license over to the C Cat license (Collectors Licence) which as the highest standards & oversight like your B Cat License (Pistol Licence). Then this muppet would’ve never have got the his license.

    The Police Firearms Officers are just plan lazy at administrating the then NZ Firearms Act, just like before the Napier Shooting where that ex-tankie had an expired Firearms license, but no-one from the Napier/ Hastings Firearms Office bother to knock on old mates door for a chat. Ever since the David Gray Shooting, the Peelers have never in acted any of the recommendations of RC in IRT Firearms Licensing.

    Now we have a half ass Firearms Act, because it all done before the release of the this RC, but makes this a complete Whitewash as no one has been made accountable why? Because our now PM signed off certain parts of the firearms vetting process which in fact made the NZ Firearms Act not worth wiping your ass after taking a and the whole RC stinks to high heaven because they are hiding stuff under the 30yr rule under national security reasons WTF.

    Had every Tom, Dick & Harry had their job properly from the start, then this muppet wouldn’t pass go to collect his firearms license. With no one accepting or taking responsibility/ accountable
    for his or hers action is going to bite NZ again in ass in the future and mark my words it will happen.

    Don’t expect me or others to step up to the plate, because you reap what you sow

  16. What rubbish. The state is not responsible here. Are we all to live in fear now? Can we all stop flogging ourselves please, which is exactly what Jacinda and Labour are doing. In front of all the world media of course! Woke apologies over something nobody, not her, not us, not anyone could control or stop from happening back then! You can list all the agencies with a thousand acronyms, you can triple their funding, and none of them will stop a top-quality, well-trained terrorist. Because that’s the nature of being a terrorist – like being a top spy or a crack marine. They will complete their mission. That’s what they do. Some of them managed to fly a commercial plane into the WTC – with ease!
    This was a freak event in NZ – you get freaks now and then. It’s not the norm here. This is done. It’s over.
    And if another well-trained terrorist wants to strike again, Jacinda won’t stop them. No matter how many times she flogs herself in public while her PR cameras are running hot.
    There! I said it! Someone had to.

    • I agree, it must be almost impossible to stop a terrorist especially if they are working alone.
      Almost everything is stacked in their favour . .

  17. No one will be happy regarding this report. I have listened today to various interviews from all sides each one contradicting the other. The sad fact is that the person who did this languishes in jail probably enjoying all the extra publicity . His friends must have been listening too because of a subversive threat made online with the resulting cancellation of graduations at Otago university in Dunedin. This report highlights the lack of mass surveillance otherwise they might have caught him before he committed this act of terror. 51 people died with many other casualties and this has impacted on the lives of thousands of people family members and the like. Let’s not forget this was the result of the terrorist who would have found a way to kill no matter what.

  18. What a load of bullshit Gillian & Herman.

    Herman ,,,the guy was a subnormal low quality little freak who was waving red flags all over the show ,,,,

    Gillian ,,,, the 5 eyes club spends Billions on what could only be described as mass surveillence ,,,, somehow they did’nt spend the few millions to bother monitoring white nationalist s gathering places on the internet ,,,, where they parade themselves on facebook, youtube, twitter ,,, along with their very prominent websites ,,,

    Directing a fraction of the 5 eyes budgets at white supremacists on the internet would have picked up Tarrent .

    “Christchurch terror attack: Did New Zealand’s intelligence fail to protect Muslims?”

    The Christchurch massacre and the rise of right-wing extremism | Four Corners


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