MEDIA WATCH: Like Policing micro aggressions won’t help Woke in the hate speech debate



This won’t end well.

National’s Upper Harbour candidate Jake Bezzant under fire for ‘endorsing racism’ about Green MPs Golriz Ghahraman, Ricardo Menendez March

National’s Upper Harbour candidate Jake Bezzant is under fire for “endorsing racism” by liking a Twitter post describing Green MPs Golriz Ghahraman and Ricardo Menendez March as “parasites”.

The Twitter post, which has since been blocked for violating the social media platform’s rules, referred to Menendez March as “some Mexican” and described him as “another green parasite” like Ghahraman. 

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Bezzant, who sits at number 57 on National’s list and ran in former deputy leader Paula Bennett’s Upper Harbour electorate following her retirement from politics, appeared to defend his actions in the comment section of the post. 

In Identity Politics woke world, micro aggressions lead to macro violence so the policing of micro aggressions is on par with recreational Nazi hunting and dobbing in neighbours who don’t recycle properly.

‘Like Policing’ is where woke activists note anyone who likes a post they don’t like and are canceled for their liking of that post.

Think of them as a vegan Stasi who cycle.

Because the threshold for triggering is intersectionaly subjective, it has all the nuance of the Killing Fields and Mao’s cultural revolution rolled into one, where a comment can escalate to genocidal hate crime in the space of 1 tweet.

The problem with pure temple cancel culture politics is that the majority quickly get alienated and resentful of the self censorship it inspires.

That woke activist in your news feed endlessly screaming at you how racist, sexist and transphobic certainly thinks they are speaking truth to power when in fact they are alienating possible supporters.

When the push to include gender identity and religion into the hate speech laws begins in 2021, the woke won’t be able to control their enthusiasm for what speech they want to criminalise.

Cancelling a low ranking National MP for liking a tweet and attempting to frame that as racist hate speech will have the majority fearing not hate speech directed at minorities, but hate speech criminalising them in kangaroo courts.

The enthusiasm to call out amongst the woke only helps ACT recruit.


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  1. Yes but calling someone out on social media is so empowering for the Woke vegan cyclist, because they get to demonstrate to all their friends who is the most committed to the cause.

    It’s performative. So it won’t stop.

  2. I’ve been banned for liking counter narrative comments on a newspaper and Spinoff FB pages. I rarely posted myself at all unless I had some thing constructive to say, all they are doing is building a woke echo chamber.

  3. “It only helps ACT recruit”.
    Helps us in New Conservative too Martyn 🙂
    As do woke maiden speeches endorsing crime and lying.

  4. What is not racist hate speech about it? That guy is a dick and that’s exactly what he was doing. Dog whistling to racist elements and dissing the equal rights of refugees or brown immigrants to NZ. Don’t excuse it with your own myopic blanket hate of anything that may seem ‘Woke’. Clearly a pet hate of yours, but you conflate the right to freedom of speech with the right of civil society not to be exposed to a culture of racist hate speech. And public individuals in particular not to be targeted, if this was America, that would’ve a dangerous thing. Oh, wait, what. Didn’t we just experience a mass murder on our shores just recently, targeting brown refugees? What’s not America about that? Normalising exclusionary racist bullshit is very fucking dangerous, everywhere.

    • You can believe in the victim, the accusation, the weak, the downtrodden, the trans, the whatever. But those injustices are in no way whatsoever an acceptable investigation technique.


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