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  1. ” On December 1, a spokesperson for China’s foreign ministry, Hua Chunying, said she was “very surprised” that New Zealand was defending Australia and asked: “Can it be that New Zealand agrees with or even supports Australia’s deeds?”

    When reporters asked why Ardern had not spoken against the killing of Afghan civilians, she replied: “our international framework is geared up for each nation to take responsibility where that’s occurred. New Zealand’s had to do that in the past.”

    In fact, the Labour government and the previous National Party government have covered up crimes by New Zealand special forces (NZSAS) in Afghanistan. The NZSAS, like their Australian counterparts, are highly trained killers whose job was to spread terror in the population to suppress resistance to the US-led occupation. This year an official inquiry into a NZSAS raid on an Afghan village in 2010, in which civilians were killed, found that the killings were “legal.” ”
    New Zealand government denounces China’s condemnation of Australian war crimes


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