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  1. Hypocrite of the week: Jozsef from Hungary

    Hungarian conservative politician Jozsef Szajer campaigned against LGBT rights and adoption for gay parents. His front stage was very prim and proper with family values at the forefront. Meanwhile up the back, Jozsef was indulging in gigantic gay orgies while under the influence of illicit drugs. Jozsef takes the hypocrite of the week award.

  2. After claiming to be sorry, werry werry sowwy, and to never again participate in steroetypes, are running a story about how Gen X should double down on the ways of the past, and toe the line, in view of Covid, and Jacinda and Co’s econom…well just their total dumfuckery. Renaming them the filling of the “sandwich generation”, they list the ways that the “bread” has fucked them over, but offer the good wholesome advice of just DO ALL THE THINGS MORE HARDER. Personal responsibilty only applies to the people getting fucked, it seems, and not the responsiblity of the fuckers to just fuck anything that moves. Are there any maori GenXers? Do maori eat sandwiches? It’s so hard to tell what’s what these days. I shouldn’t read that shit. It makes me want to jump off a bridge for all the right reasons. This “piece of ham” has no interest your fucking sandwich. Tough shit, Jacinda fans.

  3. Now or never: Give us a capital gains tax or else

    Tax the capital gains stuffing out of anyone who owns two or more houses. First home and the bach are scot-free, but after that, you’re fair game.
    Extend the Bright-Line test to 10 years for anyone who owns more than two houses. Enforce it like you mean it. No more property speculation.
    Put further controls on rent increases – tie them to inflation. Make it legal for tenants to stop paying rent if significant, non-cosmetic issues with the property aren’t rectified promptly. If folks want to play landlords so bad, make it so they actually have to be landlords.
    Nationalise or at least heavily regulate the prices for primary products, specifically the stuff used to build housing, which is prohibitively expensive, despite us growing more than 29 million cubic metres of wood annually.
    Source cheap, Kiwi-made, haulable, tiny homes for emergency housing. Save the country the billions being paid out for motels and ensure everyone has secure accommodation until the housing situation is under control.
    Invest in cheap, low-rent inner-city accommodation for essential service workers such as the police, nurses, cleaners, teachers and supermarket workers. Inner city living can revitalise local economies and make our inner cities safer and more vibrant.
    Stop building giant, inefficient homes. Smaller homes with shared gardens and plenty of outdoor, public space cost less and create better social cohesion.
    Invest in cheap, reliable public transport to open up out-lying rural land for development for commuters.
    Raise the minimum wage from $18.90 per hour to the living wage of $22.10.
    Invest in state housing at a central and local Government level, the same way people are investing in property. Build so much of it no one ever has to wait for a home or live in a motel again. Make our state homes the envy of the world, and a pathway to home-ownership for young families, who can save enough while living in them to buy or build a home of their own.
    Incentivise land bankers to rent out their properties at reasonable prices. “


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