Political Caption Competition

Figuratively & literally next to useless

The most confused K-pop band on Earth.


  1. Photographer: “Everyone stand together. Now, take one step back if you are male. Take another step back if you are also hetero. White as well? One more step back. Right, now everyone say plant-based cheese.”

    • DX5 – An old-fashioned courteous reminder. The photographer would have singled out the older people for the back line. Experience doesn’t count with the Greens – they hate old – except perhaps for vintage plonk- or the
      coffee house in an historic edifice where one goes to be seen – or convenient jigsaws from history.

  2. Another “GREEN” lightbulb moment

    The baubled corridoors of electric power and mined marble slabs.

    “GREEN” party turns down outdoor photo shoot in natural sunlight. Says it’s so passé!


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