The political capture of Kelvin Davis and OT Boss another Wellington PMC protecting their interests at our expense 


What on earth is Kelvin Davis doing???

Minister’s public rebuke sign of tensions over Oranga Tamariki

Two senior Cabinet ministers are in a public scrap after Kelvin Davis scolded Peeni Henare for not staying in his own lane.

The feud was sparked by Whānau Ora Minister Peeni Henare speculating on Grainne Moss’ future as chief executive of Oranga Tamariki.

Oranga Tamariki is a neoliberal experiment that seeks to uplift children using big data so as to not cost the State money downstream.

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Oranga Tamariki is a brown washed failure of an agency set up by National after 14 reviews!

Damning report after damning report clearly shows Oranga Tamariki is a broken and counter productive nightmare and yet Kelvin is sounding as if he cares more about his agency than the children they steal.

Kelvin openly criticising Peeni, (who as Minister of Whanau Ora has to pick up the pieces of the horrific damage Oranga Tamariki causes) makes his election night poem sound like one of the greatest moments in human literature.

I’ve never seen a Minister look so cravenly captured in such a short period of time as Kelvin clearly has.

What is more disappointing is the head of Orange Tamariki’s refusal to resign.

Comrade Trotter argues against the PMC (Professional-Managerial Class) in todays must read blog and no where are his examples better proven than by Grainne Moss’s extraordinary arrogance. 

Her refusal to resign after such damning indictments and reports sums up the elitist Wellington PMCs self belief that as unelected bureaucrats, they can can do whatever they fucking like and are utterly immune to blame.

Public Service Unions are there to protect her rights and her interests, not ours.

Once again we are seeing Politicians protecting their agencies before protecting us the people.

Once again we see the unelected Wellington PMC elite put their interests ahead of ours.

Once again we are disappointed by a Labour Party too frightened to challenge neoliberal social agencies.

Elections change Governments but Revolutions are needed to change the State.

We need a revolution by election.


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  1. Of course Kelvin Davis has been captured by his Ministry, as a former school principal he is part of the Professional Managerial Class and identifies with the bureaucrats that he serves – sorry, I mean the bureaucrats that serve him.

    It’s great that he’s Maori and all but it’s clear that service to the system takes priority so I wonder how much offense would it cause to say his whakapapa is to the bureaucracy??

    At least Peeni Henare has still got some balls.

  2. Arrogant and out of her league Moss was put there by national under pull the benefit. Davis needs to heed Henares advice but Henare needs to be more subtle and not treat Davis like a turd. Now if we get rid of the 11 headed beasts in OT, all the executive on high pays not delivering, this wasted money could go into building Maori capacity and capabilities. And this cut to the underperforming executives could go directly to on the ground service delivery, saving a lot of money and working towards a true partnership a working parallel model. Now given Maori children are over represented the budget needs to reflect this. This partnership model would be a Maori for Maori service. We have tried the other model and it hasn’t worked in fact its caused more harm than good.

    • I’ve seen Maori for Maori in action and Maori children still die for lack of care and love , the services didn’t kill them, their care givers did but won’t even take the responsibility for their actions, it’s always someone else’s fault and I find it disgusting.

      • We take responsibility Paul and we are calling on those who are paid vast amounts of money and have been for a very long time to take responsibility too. You appear to be of the subject matter the subject matter which is, OT doing their job or are they hurting the very people they are suppose to be protecting through bad practises. Now I also think if you are gonna point the finger at our people what about your peoples problem with pedophilia I see a young Pakeha teacher recently got a very light sentence for fucking the schoolboys.

  3. If Grainne Moss resigns (after a big golden handshake) it opens the way for corporate climber Joanne Harrison to make a come back! After her NZ fraud, NZ funded taxpayer rehabilitation, jail time, and deportation, our woke immigration laws allow her back 2020 Joy!

    As for blaming Davis, actually probably against employment law to publicly suggest firing the CEO no matter who unqualified she is, and poorly performing Oranga Tamariki is.

    Gosh, CYPS spent all that time and energy rebranding it to Oranga Tamariki too, to be more cultural inclusive! Just forgot about getting better outcomes for the kids. Starting to be normal that spending more money on marketing trumps the actual purpose of an organisation. Auckland Council and their COO’s are in the same boat.

  4. Lol. Kelvin Davis. The gift that keeps on giving. Henare is starting to impress me but then again so did Tuku Morgan before he decided his undies were govt Koha.

  5. Wow the pig ignorance is amazing. I can inform the tards out there that OT HAS made substantive changes in the right direction. Many of the ‘so-called’ arguments against the organisation are against how the organisation used to be run.
    If you want to go Maori for Maori fine – but don’t come crying to us in 5 years time when the situation is actually worse than it ever was with OT.
    Yes – mistakes are made. Have never made one. Most decisions within the organisation are made with incomplete information with families that intentionally mislead and have their own agendas. The children suffer while the adults flounder under endless bullshit policies and rules (risk averse).
    Of course, in most cases OT cannot publically respond to criticism because to do so and elucidate the actual truth would breach privacy – some say this is simply avoidance, but you might think differently if it were your children and whanau. Many of the criticisms are based on anecdotes without any real evidence – opinions of those disgruntled with how things worked out for them and opinions that cannot be fact checked.


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