The mask slips – Trump is a high functioning Coward not an evil Dictator 


The question we have all wanted to know after the 4 years of hell that has been Trump’s regime is, ‘what type of sociopath is Trump’?

Is he just a high functioning coward with the revenge fantasies of a mediocre white man, or is he a fully fledged evil Dictator supervillain who will spite the rest of us for kicks?

Well, it looks like the former.

Trump has begrudgingly allowed the transition to Biden to occur, despite the unprecedented malice by attempting to stop him, and this tiny concession by Trump alongside his failures on every legal front suggests that past the bluster and  gleeful ignorance is an empty shell of a man who doesn’t have the intellect to plot and plan anything complex enough to steal the Presidency.

Oh, he’s given stealing the Presidency a go, but you actually need to be clever to pull that off, and Trump is too lazy and easily distracted for a concerted effort.

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He seems to think if he tweets it, that’s enough effort on his behalf.

The best we can hope for his that he sulks and buggers off and we can all start ignoring him again, the worst is that same distracted heat of the moment decision making process that makes him useless most of the time settles on a foreign policy adventure in his final days of Office that is dangerously destabilising.

Things are still uncertain until January 20th, but it looks like Trumps cowardice and laziness will save us from the worst of his nature.

Finally something to be grateful for on Thanks Giving.

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  1. Read anything on social media coming out of Amerika and the hatred and bitterness that Trump has fostered is overwhelming. We can hope that what we see is the iceberg and not the tip of the iceberg. This divide he has created could last a generation. On foreign policy I don’t believe that any one in the military or the state department would act on any crazy idea that Trump may have in the dying days of his presidency. There must be some good and decent non-partisan people in the USA.

  2. So much damage to what was once a great country, a country we looked up to, a country that saved our bacon during wartimes. All by one totally unsuited person elected to run such a powerful country oh! how the mighty fall.


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