The unravelling of Trump – could he start war with Iran before January 20th?


He has sacked his Defence Secretary, his head of cyber security, and he has asked for military options to strike Iran while precipitously drawing down troop numbers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

News that he is seriously asking for military options against Iran before he’s forced from office are the most scared I’ve been since Trump’s regime of revenge fantasies as public policy started 4 years ago.

Even for Trump, this is insanely dangerous.

There are now cliques within the White House who are trying to goad Trump into an assortment of wildly precarious foreign and domestic policy positions all of which have zero political consequences for a President who has been voted out.

This is now Trump at his most desperate and dangerous.

Is he simply a toxic narcissist who was always intellectually out of his depth and is now bitter and resentful or is he actually a dangerous sociopath who will allow that bitterness and resentment to become malicious and spiteful?

Will he throw a tantrum and sulkingly slip away or will he plunge the planet into some type of catastrophe as a final fuck you?

Is he a boorish coward or a Supervillain?

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We will find out before January 20th.

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  1. Toxic dribble clickbait from unnamed sources via usual dump sites WaPO and NYT. I love how “what can we do” transformed into “let’s push the Nuke button”. Remember this is the same guy that fucked Bolton off when there were planes in the sky. Loved the local rag’s front page a couple of days ago you could of sworn Trump had already pushed the red button.

    Anyways it would be Israel NOT the US that would drop the first bomb.

  2. No.
    He may be all or most of those things but if he was going to bomb Iran we wouldn’t have heard all the behind the scenes stuff beforehand.
    The risk gets lower every day.

    But far be it for the media to move on or not attempt to panic and inflame.

    Who isn’t sick of hearing about what Trump had for breakfast and how it makes him a terrible human being.

    What about rolling coverage of how Biden will bring together the country after partisan stupidity by both sides and a media wanting the scoop in watching it burn?

  3. The US military might be a huge muscle to flex, however, it takes time to flex that muscle. Trump doesn’t have the time to do anything too stupid.

  4. I think there is more prospect of a conflict with China after Biden is sworn in. He is a warmonger from way back. Give it time and he will be throwing his weight around. He has serious support from the military industrial complex that Bernie was trying hard to warn everyone about. Biden will do the most damage he can as the next one term president.

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