New Conservatives replace Clown with a Joker as Leader 

The ego and audacity to compare yourself in this league of heroes

After all the attempts at starting a culture war, after all the anti-Māori rhetoric, after all the pious whinging that their free speech was being impacted despite no one giving a toss what they had to say, the New Conservatives have replaced a Clown with a Joker as Leader…

Leighton Baker steps down as New Conservative leader

The party garnered 1.5 per cent of the vote in this year’s election and didn’t make it into Parliament.

Today, Baker announced he was stepping down, saying he had enjoyed the leadership role “immensely”.

“However, the board has decided that now is the time to try another leadership style, and I wish them well in that,” Baker says.

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Deputy leader Elliot Ikilei will be replacing him as the party’s leader, while Victoria O’Brien is the new deputy.

If the answer is Elliot Ikilei, the question is ‘who could do worse than Leighton Baker as New Conservative Leader.

Strip away any rationality, compassion and gentle sensibilities within Christianity and you have the New Conservative Party.

Hateful of abortion, solo mothers, gays, solo mothers, cannabis and solo mothers, the New Conservatives love guns, patriarchy and more guns.

Paranoid and frightened of any idea post the renaissance, the New Conservatives would represent a great leap backwards for New Zealand.

It’s political thinking is so inbred, I think they would want to relax laws around cousins marrying.

Banjo playing with your toes and burning books is mandatory to be a candidate.

I suspect Solo mums are not allowed to vote for the Party.

Their policy against Māori would actually see a race war in NZ.

Replacing a Clown for a Joker won’t save the New Conservatives, it will only make them politically irrelevant quicker.

The New Conservatives demise is proof that there is a God.

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  1. As the election proved, the New Conservatives are irrelevant and deserve no coverage and no comment. Your post Martyn is unnecessarily vicious and serves no purpose.

  2. Your comment Martyn is an indictment, not only on Christian evangelicalism but on their political parties. You really have to be keen on your own comfort to carry on with that crap. But they ARE keen on their organised self-comfort.

  3. Actually I agree with everything you have said Martyn and your right Ikilei is a clown and the nasty new Conservatives should stick to their church business.


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