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  1. Dear Jacinda, we need to talk about housing
    ” Because it does not matter where you sit on the political spectrum, you cannot beat the people who bought a house, any house, 10 years ago. You have to join them. You have to scrimp and save a deposit by any means necessary, debt up to the absolute hilt on something like a tiny (town)house, and then rely on house prices continuing to go nuts so that you can take all your untaxed gains and leverage into something bigger.

    The whole system relies on the next batch of first-home buyers being willing and able to pay more than the last to grasp on to that first rung of the ladder in pyramid scheme-esque fashion, despite spending more than a third of the average young professional’s salary on rent.

    For lack of a cleverer response, it is whacked.

    The cries for help you are hearing from all the childless, Pākehā middle-class twenty-somethings like me are the tip of the iceberg. ” ” A system that ensures property will always earn more money than ( working ) people do is the problem. ”
    Solution? You cannot solve this by tinkering with ” settings ” as Blaircinda says. Except the family home you need a 70% CGT to eliminate the socially destructive vice of buying properties for capital gain over any period of time, and it needs to be ruthlessly enforced. Aside from speculators all the immigration we’ve had has pushed up prices too.
    Millenials are not having children due to the impossibility of buying a home, a nest for their family.
    Also the foreign banks must be cracked down on lending for the same reason. The F.I.R.E sector’s free lunch for the speculators is sucking the life blood out of NZ society and the housing market’s turned into a giant ponzi scheme.


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