Political Caption Competition


ACT Party Climate Change policy


    • But news that Labour will fix minute supermarket price margins with an investigation by the Commerce Commission (which will take a year and probably achieve nothing), but will not intervene in house speculation. Woke tinkering. Wtf, a rundown shack in South Auckland is now worth as much as something in downtown Paris or New York? Property hysteria is so ridiculous that I wouldn’t be surprised if legislation is introduced which allows people to take their bloated housing portfolio profits into the afterlife when they die.

  1. Fuck so many targets so little time. Pick a best one:

    Orr’s/Robbos economic plan pending the resumption of the great South Asian immigration ponzi scheme

  2. 1. Roll of cheapest possible tape imported from China….Check.
    2. Expensive Consultants hired to determine where to apply tape….Check.
    3. Lowest tender Private contractor hired to apply tape….Check.
    4. Expensive Review initiated after tape failure……Check.
    5. Go to step 1.

    ACT: The private sector always knows best and is always efficient…….Yeah right.


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