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  1. Israel Gave Them 10 Minutes to Pack Up Their Whole Lives: 74 Palestinians, Including 41 Children, Left Homeless

    Eleven Palestinian families were left homeless in the Jordan Valley. Finding shelter for sheep and newborn lambs was the most urgent task, as their livelihood depends it

    106p · 3 hours ago
    I could not finish reading this gut-wrenching article. This lot, who claim to be the “Chosen”, who claim to own the Holocaust and who have not learnt a damn thing from it, deserve their fate. “Civil Administration” – nothing, absolutely nothing, is civil about the squatting zionist apartheid occupation. Nothing. They have stones for hearts. How does the earth not open up and swallow this rancid, putrid swine up?!

    Anti-semitic? No. Anti-zionist. Jews of this world need to wake up and shun this cloak they drape themselves in out of guilt or whatever.

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