All eyes on Georgia as we fear the mad king


If Biden’s win is to be meaningful in any way shape or form, the runoff elections in Georgia for the Senate is effectively the Democrats End Game.

What is a runoff election and why is it important in Georgia?

With both Senate contests in Georgia falling below a 50 per cent majority,  the state is headed for two run-off elections.

In the regular election, Republican incumbent David Perdue is facing a challenge from Democrat Jon Ossoff. In the special election, GOP appointee Kelly Loeffler is defending her seat against Democrat Rev Raphael Warnock.

The state of Georgia has a majority-vote requirement, which means a candidate must secure at least 50 per cent of the vote in order to win the election. If 50 per cent of the vote is not secured, a runoff will be held.

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This year, the state is unusually holding two races for senate as the seat for former Senator Johnny Isakson, who retired last year, also needs to be filled.

In one race, appointed Republican Sen Kelly Loeffler came in second behind Democrat Raphael Warnock with 26 per cent to 32.9 per cent.

Since both candidates failed to surpass a majority of 50 per cent, a runoff was determined to be necessary.

In the second race, Republican incumbent Sen David Perdue now holds just under 50 per cent of the vote in the state followed by Democratic rival Jon Ossoff with 49.8 per cent to 47.8 per cent, with 98 per cent of the vote counted.

The Senate has been deadlocked by the Republicans for so long, it has allowed nothing to pass and the democratic will of the people has been denied.

If Georgia’s January 6th runoff gives the Democrats extra seats in the Senate plus the Vice President’s one tie breaker vote, the Democrats could actually get desperately needed legislation through.

Expect the Republicans and Democrats to throw everything at Georgia, it could make the Presidential Election look tame.

All eyes are still on the mad King Trump and how he will punish America for rejecting him.


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  1. Only need 1 of 2 seats in the most marginal state where down ticket candidates outperformed the president. Don’t expect both to flip blue.

    Trump to pardon himself (yes legally he can do this) as a final fuck you.

  2. “The Devil went down to Georgia, he was lookin’ for a soul to steal.
    He was in a bind coz he was way behind and he was willing to make a deal….”
    Written over 40 years ago and a neat little tune by the Charlie Daniels Band, the first few lines sum up very well what is happened in US politics over the past week.

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