US Election – Winners & Losers


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The wicked Orange Witch of the West is dead and we rejoice. This painful four year Bad Romance is over and we all want to sing I Will Survive.

Here are the winners and the losers as I see them.


CNN & American Journalists – CNN’s coverage and resistance to Trump over the last 4 years has been journalism at its most important, alongside many other journalists on many other platforms, their constant focus on the abomination of Trump’s Presidency was crucial in forcing Americans to confront what they had elected. They didn’t always get it right, but their determination to stop Trump eroding the basic institutions of human decency ensured he was ultimately held to account.

Steven Colbert – As host of the Late Show, he took the dangerous road of focusing on Trump daily despite being a ratings driven enterprise. His cutting satire and refusal to look away was a weekly antidote to the horror Trump provoked.

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Covid 19 – The joke of public health in America has been the greatest spreader of the virus and as it hits 100 000 daily cases, Biden will be forced to lock down a country that resents any personal restrictions. Expect Covid to overshadow all else in 2021.

American Democracy – Despite everything Trump attempted to do to undermine American Democracy, its institutions and due process survived and provided a genuine result that can be believed. This election was the highest turn out in over a century. This was a victory for Democracy.

People of conscience – This was a victory for the people. All the people, the spectrum of us ethnically, gender wise, sexual orientation, religion, disability, able bodied and skin colour. Everyone appalled by Trump’s spite and needless malice combined to defeat his venom.

Toxic Polarisation – Was maybe the greatest winner on the night because we can’t pretend to ignore the huge number of people who still voted for Trump despite seeing his malevolence. He gained amongst African Americans, Hispanics and the uneducated. The Left’s cancel culture tendencies cemented huge swathes of voters into Republican land and added to the toxic polarisation.

Can we learn from the damage social media and echo chambers have created?

Of course we can.

Will we change?

Of course not!




Kim Dotcom & Assange – Seeing as Biden signed off on the fiasco case against him, Dotcom will find no kindness from a Biden administration. Same for Assange.

Whatever Country Biden starts war with after his inauguration – The one thing you can thank Trump over is his dislike of spending money on invading other countries. The Military Industrial Complex has been very frustrated over the last 4 years and will gleefully start bombing minutes after Biden is sworn in as President

Democrats – They didn’t move the Senate and lost in the House, a President with no real power isn’t much of  President. Their inability to promise free health and free education shows how deeply flawed and hollow Democrats are as an alternative to Republicans. The spontaneous explosion of euphoric joy that erupted on the streets of America when the result was declared was because Americans saw the the beginning of the end of Trump – no one was celebrating Biden with his tepid nothingness policies that will do little to heal the damage caused. Democratic incrementalism isn’t a solution anyone was celebrating.

Science – Trump killed science, God watched and didn’t say anything.

Fox News – Watching them slowly creep away from championing Trump was more akin to a beleaguered Drug Cartel Boss losing his body guards as they realise the tide has turned against their crime syndicate. It’s a reminder what cowards Fox News are.

QAnon – These fucking lunatics with their crazy beliefs and hysterical claims of satanic cults deserve all the contempt and derision we can dump upon them.

Trump’s Ego – His hatred, his spite, his bewildering malice, his obscene revenge fantasies – it’s fucking over! His making black people, Muslim people, women, children fearful for their day to day existence was an abomination of power and a dark moment when America could have plunged into a Crypto-fascist state. His disgraceful Tax cuts for corporations, his rolling back of climate change legislation, his horrific Pandemic incompetence – all of it goes with him into the trash bin of history. His Qanon conspiracy theories, his anti science, his gleeful ignorance.






Republicans – They were taken over by Trump in 2016 like a virus. They have enabled his hatred and empowered his lies. They have lost all credibility in keeping the worst angles of their supporters in check and ended up standing for nothing other than venal power. Disgusting cowardice by the Republican establishment.

The uneducated –  I don’t blame his uneducated supporters, I understand they have been failed by the two party system, they have been failed by neoliberalism, they have been failed by an America that rewards the corporates first, they are lost, they are frightened and they are easily led. For them we must extend the hand of fellowship and basic human decency because Trump manipulated their legitimate resentment into a toxic broth of self loathing. For them, the next few months will be paranoia.

Evangelical Christians – These fucking lunatics with their crazy beliefs and hysterical claims of satanic cults deserve all the contempt and derision we can dump upon them.



Biden’s tepid incrementalism will do nothing to solve the immense damage within America.

We will find out between now and the January swearing in just how psychopathic Trump really is. Will he go quietly or will he try and destroy everything? The terrifying truth is that none of us can actually say.

The last hope for real change in America is this one…


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  1. My summary of the election:


    Republican party – picked up seats in the houses and look (pending run offs in Georgia) to have held the senate. McConnell with be working with senior GOP strategists right now how to exit Trump. And he will, being the Tywin Lannister is US politics. Trump resembling the mad king. One only has to read GOT to work out how this ends. The party looks a lot like National post 2005 election.
    Moderate Democrats – A Biden/Harris squeaker wasn’t an endorsement for BLM, defund the police nor the green new deal. Those things are still as attractive as a vote Hillary bumper sticker in bumfucknowheresville, West Virginia to the 5 million voters that determine US elections.
    Fox News – Rupert once again, like with Tony Blair picked when to pivot. Masterclass on pivoting.
    The Blairite/Little Napoleon/EU/Davos and the rest of the Globalist Elite – Can relax now as there will no longer be someone outside the test pissing in.
    China – Watch for sweetheart economic deals/reduced military support for Taiwan and US ships going nowhere near the South China Sea. Forget the pee tapes China has a real dossier on Joe and his son.
    Nikki Haley – a stalking horse for the first ELECTED female president of the US.
    Breitbart – the next 4 years will be story after story of how the dems stole the election. Watch for this thought process to be continually stoked.

    Pelosi – will have an impossible task pacifying the squad and hard left of the democrats. With a projected house majority of 5-6 contentious legislation such as the green new deal is no chance with at risk swing state house members looking after their own first. There is now 20-odd Joe Munchins in the house. If you don’t know who he is – look him up for LOLs.
    CNN/NY Times/WaPo – What do they talk about for the next (at least 2 years). You can only fawn over 2 deeply flawed candidates for so long especially when they ignore your pet causes.
    Hannity/Ingram/Carlson – Trump TV appears the only long term option.
    Russia – Putin has Parkinsons, Biden will strengthen relations with Europe.
    Bernie – his time has passed. The fawx socialist can enjoy his millions and private lap-of-luxury vacations.


    When all is said and done and the analysis finished it will be Trump himself that lost the election. Most Senate positions were 1-2% higher in favour to the GOP than Trump. Therein lies the difference where the election was won and lost.

    • Nancy’s not worried about her left flank she’s worried about her right flank who want her gone for not clamping down on talk of the green new deal, for not rubbishing and shutting down the squads support of “defund the police” and for not viciously condemning the Socialist wing.

      The squad and the left flank will support retaining Nancy because the alternative is house democrats being led by people much further to the right of Nancy , people who want the Dems to give up on being pro choice pro lgbt and give up on any meager pathetic progressive policy Nancy supports in favor of lite Trumpism and anti immigration policies and there’s more house Dems to the right of Nancy than there are to her left and they all think the Dems were too left wing this election which is hysterical cos the Dems made national look like Socialists this election

      • The right wing of the Dems in the house is more worried about the GOP picking them off one by one in the mid terms. Unshackled from Trump suburban seats in affluent cities are there for the taking especially if Biden keeps talking about taxes.

        I reiterate the squad won’t rest and will be more difficult to handle than the right of the dems. The right will also be encouraged by Rep McCarthy to flip on contentious legislation. Don’t expect the new Green deal anytime soon.

        This will beyond Pelosi’s ability to control

  2. I would have put independent US journalism and progressive bloggers amongst the winners. That’s where I got 97 percent of my information – Cenk Uygur and Anna Kasparian at The Young Turks, Emma Vigeland at Rebel HQ, Jimmy Dore, Graham Elwood, Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk, Sam Seder and The Majority Report, Nomiki Konst, Jordan at Status Quo, Chris Hedges, The Rational National, Tom Hartmann, etc

  3. The ‘squad’ is not the answer in 2024.
    We have to fight the civil war first. And voting for AOC for POTUS in 2014 will only divert the left from the real fight outside Congress.

  4. 1: CNN is NOT a winner here. Their ratings are going to plummet now they don’t have their bogeyman that was the only reason people watched the channel.
    2: Biden is not going to “heal the US”. Trump supporters already believe the election was stolen, because Trump said so.
    3: Biden isn’t going to do anything wrt to climate change.
    4: Biden isn’t going to anything wrt to inequality.
    5: If I was a Ukraine resident I’d be very worried right now.
    6: If I was a Syrian resident, I’d be a lot more worried than I already was.
    7: If I was a giant corporate CEO, I’d already be ordering a new luxury private jet.
    8: If I was Xi Ping, I’d be grinning ear to ear. Expect no criticism for the actual concentration camps in China.
    9: When the next mass shooting happens, I would NOT be worried about losing “muh guns”.
    10: When the next white cop shoots a black person, I would NOT be worried about defunding the police.
    11: More people will be reading Trump tweets than Biden tweets for the entirety of Biden’s term.
    12: Trump will run in 2024 and has a genuine chance of winning.

    I’m sure others here can add to this list.

  5. I don’t think you can have it both ways ….
    1) This was a victory for the people. All the people, the spectrum of us ethnically, gender wise, sexual orientation, religion, disability, able bodied and skin colour…..

    …..2) – The one thing you can thank Trump over is his dislike of spending money on invading other countries. The Military Industrial Complex has been very frustrated over the last 4 years and will gleefully start bombing minutes after Biden is sworn in as President.. —– 1+2= cognitive dissonance

    The USA “exceptionalism” which allows them to slaughter people and then sleep like Wayne Mapps,,, is a form of racism which Biden exceeds Trump at.

    On a positive or winners note ,,,,,,,I wonder if the $10 Million dollars ‘trade’ donations NZ gave to the Clinton foundation will now give some return.

    Apparently we share their values and concern for doing good …. [ sarc ]

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