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    “Let them rot”
    Diddums. It’s about time a few orchard owners and others started to realise its no longer acceptable to try and ‘outsource’ your problems to contractors you know are ripping off workers – if indeed you’re not trying to do it yourself.
    This is the 21st Century. It’s time for all business owners to realise that if the only way you can remain viable is by ripping off the people by not paying a liveable wage, then your bizzniss is not ekshully viable. You’re not doing your labour force OR yourselves any favours.
    Neo-slave-labour is so so passe darling.
    The kiwifruit industry (for example) is bloody lucky they’ve managed to sustain the rip for as long as they have (i.e. they’re lucky the 20% or so of crop profits over the past few years they’d have lost were it for the fact they’ve been prepared to turn a blind eye, and distanced themselves by mechanisms such as outsourcing).
    Thankfully, (and such as it was), the Labour Inspectorate and others are now waking up – the excuses have run out, the stab proof vests are in place, the examples now numerous to put down to the anecdotal, and the spin doctors have run out of platitudes to offer media.

    • Ekshully, it could be a bit of a bugger if the humble Red Chinese Gooseberry took hold in the Punjab or Nepalese valleys or Sichuan or some Peruvian field growing amongst a bit of hemp, what?
      Think of the moans about stolen IP and loss of earnings. All it’s going to take is some entra prinooer to come along and marketise the phenomenon in this space going forward, with a view to growth in the fullness of time.
      Mother Nature though eh? Whoooooar! What a bitch (not)


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