Waatea News Column: Nanaia’s first Foreign Affairs challenge


Nanaia faces her first challenge as Foreign Minister with the Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank.

This week the Israeli Army destroyed a Bedouin village, displacing 73 Palestinians including 41 children, as part of Israel’s campaign to demolish Palestinian homes to replace them with Israeli settlements.

It’s nothing short of cultural cleansing.

Nanaia’s appointment as Foreign Minister is not only a first for Māori and for women, it is a reset of our commitment to stand for human rights and the promotion of Democracy.

Nanaia’s unique relationships with many of our Pacific Island neighbours means she has an advantage New Zealand is blessed to possess diplomatically and she makes an important statement about inclusion and the type of values we wish to advance as a Nation.

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While our criticism of Palestinians being forcibly removed from their own land will be welcome, to truly stamp our moral authority on this, Nanaia should push to have a Palestinian embassy open here in NZ.

Such a bold move would emphasize that Nania’s appointment really is transformative.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. …yeah just let the racist Chinese death camps keep rollon’, rollin’, rollin’…. because the ECONOMY… hypocrites 😉

  2. The name of the West Bank village is Khirbet Humsa.
    You can read more about this story on electronic intifada , an article by Tamara Nassar.

    “Even when Israel destroys tens of million of dollars of projects for Palestinians paid for by European taxpayers, the EU still does nothing to hold it accountable.

    On the contrary, such actions have little effect on the EU’s relationship with Israel.

    This all forms part of what appears a vicious cycle: the EU funds Palestinian projects and structures in the occupied West Bank, Israel threatens to demolish such structures, the EU occasionally expresses “concern” over Israel’s plans, Israeli forces carry out intended demolitions, the EU rewards Israel with closer cooperation and investment.”

    This sort of atrocity happens so often, and the West is so accommodating, that it has become normalized. I want our government to be pressured to take STRONG action on Israel’s treatment of Palestinian CHILDREN..please everyone read about the NO WAY TO TREAT A CHILD CAMPAIGN..(look it up) ..and EXPEL the Israel Ambassador ie suspend relations with the apartheid regime until it agrees to release all child detainees
    Such an action would take courage of course..but looking the other way gives the Israeli regime the green light to continue its atrocities

  3. There are over five million registered Christian and Muslim native Palestinian refugees from Israeli racist terrorism and ethnic cleansing campaigns.

    The only moral thing to do is to dismantle and destroy the apartheid Jewish colony and restore all of Palestine to the native Christian and Muslim Palestinians.

    • In your dreams! Go find another target for your irrational hatred and lies. Israel is the 8th most powerful country in the world.

  4. Disappointingly, Mahuta has been slow in reacting to the latest atrocity at Khirbet Humsa. No longer a leader in human rights advocacy, New Zealand has been beaten by Ireland and the EU in calling out the Zionist Israeli Government.

  5. From a purely humanitarian stance both the National and Labour Parties have failed to voice condemnation of Israeli disproportionate action in both Gaza and the West Bank. It would be a monumental shift in Foreign Policy on the part of the Labour Party if Nanaia Mahuta expressed any oppostion to what has happened let alone calling out the Israeli ambassador. We have watched with horror as IDF snipers killed and maimed Palestinian protestors at the border, including medics dressed in white coats. Yet the world stood by, including our Government, and said very little. I have immense respect for the work of the DCIP and it is only through these groups that the Israeli government will be made accountable. Unfortunately being a member of the “Five Eyes Network” and a signatory to many trade agreements that have long tentacles leaves the Palestinians without a powerful ally. The veto authority of the US at the UN Security Council has saved Israel many times and makes a mockery of the process when the contraventions are reprehensible. It would be Corbynesque if Nanaia Mahuta could speak up on behalf of Palestinian children. Sadly Jeremy Corbyn was smeared as an anti semite and recently the final insult was his suspension from the UK Labour party. Shame on the UK Labour Party executive and the Blairite Keir Starmer. This is the price you or party may have to pay when you speak to truth.


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