On the eve of the US Election


On the eve of the US election – my hope is a landslide win to Biden, that the American people are so sick of this orange tumour they will cleanse him from Office – BUT this is 2020 and this is Trump so anything could happen.

Trump has done so much irreparable damage and the social polarisation now is second only to the Civil War – If the Democrats win, it won’t be a victory, it will be a necessary amputation of Trump from the body politic – this is a medical emergency for the survival of a country, this a no longer a political issue.

This is probably the most important American election since Bush invaded Iraq.

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  1. No way will it be a landslide win for Biden. Most likely it will be a confused, disputed result that will lead to endless legal action and eventually I suppose the Supreme Court.

  2. Biden will win according to 240,000 dead Americans.
    America’s policy settings will remain set at genocide, ecocide & suicide, but minus the imbecilic tweets.

  3. Bernie:
    “We cannot go back to business as usual after we defeat Trump. We cannot and must not go back to business as usual,” the Vermont senator said during the virtual event Monday night.

    “Progressives today understand that if we’re gonna stand up for working families, stand up for the poor, stand up for the children, stand up for the elderly and the disabled, stand up for the minority communities that are under attack all across this country.”

    Noting that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and economic collapse deepened wealth and income inequities that existed prior to the crisis—which has been characterized as the most unequal recession in modern U.S. history—Sanders urged Democrats to embrace a bold alternative vision and take action to fundamentally “transform our country.”

    “We must have the courage to think big, not small,” said Sanders, “and have the courage to envisage a very different kind of America and a very different set of national priorities.” Calling a Biden victory is just step one, Bernie Sanders

  4. A return to the corruption and lies and warmongering that has characerised the Democrats for many decades is quite possible.

    Whoever wins the election, the US is doomed to rapid collapse via all the aspects that have been swept under the carpet for decades.

    ‘While elections and party politics generate the emotions and headlines, the truly consequential change in American governance has been the ascendancy of the Imperial Presidency over the past 75 years, since the end of World War II.

    As commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the Constitution grants the President extraordinary but temporary powers in wartime. With the power to declare war granted solely to Congress, this dangerous (in the Founders’ view) expansion of Executive power was tolerated because it was temporary and necessary in the fast-moving emergency of war.

    Congress has declared war a total of five times, while U.S. armed forces have been deployed in conflicts 300 times. So in 295 conflicts out of 300, the president had sole discretion. Various stamps of Congressional approval of these wartime powers have been given over the decades, but these are more for show than actual limits on presidential powers.

    The extraordinary powers granted to President Roosevelt in World War II did not expire at the end of the war. Rather, the powers of the presidency expanded along with the National Security agencies which rose to unprecedented power in the Cold War era of 1945 – 1991. The entire alphabet soup of the National Security State–CIA, NSA, DIA, etc.–serve the president, not Congress, which has been relegated the role of toothless oversight.

    Historian Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.’s 1973 book, The Imperial Presidency , introduced the term Imperial Presidency into the American lexicon.

    While historians have documented the rise of Executive power at the expense of the legislative branch and pundits have wrung their hands over this concentration of vast, often secret power in the presidency, nobody within the status quo has addressed the core reason behind the rise of the Imperial Presidency: America’s Empire requires a CEO/Emperor as a simple operational reality.

    You can’t run a global military / commercial / diplomatic empire with a slow-moving legislative body; you need a dynamic CEO (chief executive officer) with essentially unlimited powers to do whatever it takes to run the empire.

    Empires need an emperor, and this is the history of post-WW2 America. As the victor, the U.S. emerged with a global reach and power that can only be described as imperial. While the USSR soon gained military parity with nuclear weapons and vast tank armies aimed at Western Europe, the commercial empire was solely American.

    While some cheered America’s global empire and others shouldered it as a necessary Cold war burden, the status quo relished the immense expansion of centralized bureaucratic and executive powers.

    An Imperial President requires the Imperial machinery of global hegemony, and so the National Security State replaced the elected government as the real power. For a peek behind the curtain of the Imperial Presidency’s powers, please read The Enemies Briefcase: Secret powers and the presidency. (via Cheryl A.)

    The last time the U.S. Congress pushed back against the Imperial Presidency and Security Agencies was 45 years ago, in 1975……’


  5. The essence is “Trump has done so much irreparable damage and the social polarisation now is second only to the Civil War.”

    You chain a dog, beat a dog, whip a dog, kick a dog it will turn into a wild uncontrollable creature. You do that to a whole people the same.

    Trump’s self-proclaimed major achievement for his first term is all the judges he’s appointed. A skite sheet for his next reign will be how many more he’s appointed, how many riots he’s quelled, how many have been incarcerated how he has control of the streets.

    He is a most insecure mental midget supported by those who are happy to be smaller midgets under his wing and protection, their own insecurities boosted by his bluster, bullshit and facade..

  6. The best thing NZ can do one way or the other is sever as many ties as possible with the US (not that it will while parliament has more than its share of US butt kissers).

    It does not matter in my view who gets elected the two main parties (and this will sound familiar) look exactly the same. Neo con, globalist, imperialist. End of story.

  7. Either a blowout for Biden or a squeaky for Trump. Let’s analyse the key battleground states:

    Florida – Biden as attractive as a 2-day turd amongst Cubans and other South American latinos that comprise Florida. Trumps wins with bigger margin than 2016.
    Georgia – In play in a landslide. Trump by 1-2% only
    North Carolina – the real toss up state. More liberal white voters have moved into Charlotte and Raleigh as well as a sizeable black population. Less than 1% either way.
    Texas – ditto with Georgia. Different latinos (Mexicans/Central Americans) that favour the democrats. Trump by 1-2%
    Iowa – Similar to North Carolina. Feeling it will lean Trump and if does carries a senate position.
    Pennsylvania – Fracking ban late has tripped up Joe ‘Hidein’. Feeling it goes Trump by less than 1%
    Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota – Traditionally blue states and will be comfortable for Biden
    Nevada – A wildcard. Trump in range and arguably a traditionally red seat.
    Arizona – Like Texas and Georgia I get a feeling moderate republicans hold their nose and vote Trump.

    Trump needs all these states bar one of either Iowa or Nevada. A tall order. We’ll know early afternoon the likely outcome as the results roll through for North Carolina – traditionally done and dusted by 4pm our time.

    • By 4pm New Zealand time it will depend on:
      Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
      Florida- blue, but barely. North Carolina will be blue. Nevada, blue, but barely- not sure about Iowa but feel blue. New Hampshire & North Carolina Blue. Virginia going Blue.

  8. Donald Trump declares himself the winner.

    Approximately 1:30am local time, a time uniformed goons use to smash down your door, drag you out of your bed in your night clothes and push you to the lawn with a gun at your head.

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