What Does Centrapay and Verifone’s Partnership Mean for Digital Technology?


Centrapay and Verifone have teamed up to unveil a new payment platform in New Zealand. The contactless platform will utilise a combination of technologies that each company specialises in so that the merchant and consumer experience can be further personalised. What does this latest venture tell us about the push for further mobile facilities?  

What Have Verifone and Centrapay Planned?

Using the platform, customers can conduct financial transactions, merchants can process the payments, various vouchers can be accepted, feedback can be issued, loyalty programmes can be established, and carbon can even be offset. Verifone’s APIs will be issued remotely to merchants so that the multitude of additional options can be implemented. For customer and merchant ease, these features look to build on how things are done currently but show a greater commitment to the future of digital payment methods.

Contactless payments will no longer be subject to per-transaction fees for merchants and businesses will have a greater scope of engagement at the point of sale than before. The technology follows the growing trend of digital payment methods and allows vendors to show their customers they are able to deliver when it comes to the future of tech. Digital assets can now be used to take payments, which is promising for the future of other forms of alternative finance.

The Importance of Mobile Technology

Being able to use our mobiles for more things is crucial for the technology of the future. Many different sectors have ensured they have such accessibility so that they are not left behind and unable to compete in the market. The entertainment industry, for example, points to a greater influx of mobile gamers and those who want to engage with popular games online on smartphones – such as Fortnite and Among Us.

There has even been a push in the online casino industry for greater accessibility for mobile players. As we can see from the range of slots at NetBet, most slot games are fully optimised for mobile players, specifically without compromising on quality or the features of the slots. Elsewhere in entertainment, Spark have capitalised on the growth of streaming platforms and ensured they have exclusivity to Sky Sports NZ, adding it to their existing telecoms bundles, which can be accessed on a range of devices.

The Future of Digital in New Zealand

Vodafone NZ’s CEO Jason Paris has pushed for a central New Zealand internet infrastructure to help become the world leaders. New Zealand’s digital output is already strong and enviable for other nations, and Paris wants to capitalise on this. The government-backed broadband rollout to both urban and rural citizens has worked to ensure the country is as connected as possible, which boosts anyone wanting to move from traditional industries to those more reliant on digital.

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The partnership between Verifone and Centrapay to deliver a faster and more reliable digital-based payment solution is emblematic of the push for better digital infrastructure. By following consumer trends and the appetite for a greater push for digital technology, as well as utilising the extensive digital networks already in place, New Zealand could easily position itself as a pioneer of digital technology.