Could a Slot Game Based on The Boys Help Boost the Franchise?



New Zealand-born actor Karl Urban has risen to worldwide notoriety thanks to his role as the badass superhero hunter, Billy Butcher, in the highly entertaining Amazon Prime series, The Boys. The second season of the dark, hilarious and, at times, incredibly shocking series has just wrapped and there is already talk of season three and how the franchise will expand beyond this show. Amazon clearly realises it has a cash cow on its hands, and getting the name into the lucrative online casino sector could be one way to expand its following massively.

Pokies Developers Often Turn to Series For Inspiration

One of the most common go-to themes for pokies developers is to create games based on trending television series. This can be seen when looking through all the online pokies available at Royal Panda. There are countless games based on television series on the site including Friends, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Peaky Blinders, and 24. The reason why these are great options for the game creators and for online casinos is that their logos are so recognisable and instantly catch players’ attention.

Pokies can also drum up interest in a series and help it to reach a higher number of viewers. Most recently, this has been seen with Narcos and Vikings, two series that accrued a greater number of viewers as they aged. These two games highlight how now could be a good opportunity for a slot based on The Boys. The game would likely attract a lot of interest from viewers of the series, but it would also help raise awareness about the TV show among people who may not have heard of it before.

The epic scale of The Boys does suggest that it could be perfect as a cross-platform franchise. In addition to the series and possible spinoffs, the characters would be excellent inclusions in games on various devices. Along with a slot game, there could easily be mobile titles. For instance, an endless running game featuring the Flash-inspired character, A-Train, could easily be a hit. An open-world console game could also be well-received if it allowed players to experience  each of the different characters in a similar vein to Marvel’s Avengers.

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Spinoff Series Already In the Pipeline


Season two of The Boys ended with a couple of interesting twists which will be explored further in the next batch of episodes in season three, which has already been confirmed by Amazon. In the season finale, viewers finally found out who was making all the heads explode and, without giving away any spoilers, this person could be an important character moving forward.

Amazon also announced that it was looking at ways to expand the franchise beyond the main show, and that there could be a number of spinoff series set in the same universe. Early reports suggest that the new series will be an original story featuring young superheroes at a college owned by the evil corporation, Vought International. The premise sounds like a recipe for disaster as unstable, hormonal teenagers have to deal with everyday problems while at the same time keeping their powers under control. This will doubtlessly lead to some wild and entertaining plots.

The Boys has been one of amazon’s biggest hits to date, and the streaming service will be looking into the myriad opportunities it has to milk this cash cow. Trying to get the brand into the online pokies scene is a solid way to reach more viewers, and could provide an instant franchise boost.