TWITTER WATCH: So Hamish Price, when are you leaving Twitter?


National Party Stormtrooper who was one of Judith Collins fake supporters on Ponsonby Rd has done a Duncan Garner and said this…

…now Hamish was one of the more vile National Party Twitter Trolls and so having him off Twitter would be as delightful as Dave Cormack behind the Herald Paywall, so has Hamish left twitter?

Well, no, he hasn’t…

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…come on Hamish, if Duncan Garner will go Vegan for getting it wrong, you have to leave Twitter.

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  1. Dunkin’ Garnish has always been an overstuffed pork flavoured tofu sausage.. Does that qualify him as vegan?
    People like the hamfist creature possess no moral compass, so the vow was as meaningless as his relevance…

    • Stefan, Duncan Garner supported Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking bill, and he did so very publicly. A man who was part of the message to try to protect Kiwi kids from adult violence, is not without a moral compass.

  2. As a National Party troll, Hamish won’t hold up his end of the bargain… because why would he? Anyone expecting honesty and integrity from the National Party is, to quote Homer Simpson, “living the magical land of make-believe”. Twitter is a poisonous quagmire of venom, spite, and rampaging lynch mobs, so he’s in his natural habitat.


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