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  1. A good laugh with National supporters blaming everyone but the National party for their defeat. The Media, Covid, the Christchurch massacre, fairy dust, pixie dust, confusion over vote splitting, Jamie Lee Ross, volcanic eruptions, but mostly ‘dumb brainwashed New Zealanders”. Judith, Gerry, Simon, Todd, Mathew et al are all blameless. Any wonder National have lost any credibility with the majority of Kiwis? Calling their fellow countrymen stupid is the road to victory? Ask Hillary Clinton how that ends up. Judith now saying she knew she would lose because?

  2. The silver trays National gave to their departing politicians should have been served up with two heads, Gerrys’ and Judeaths.

  3. Private profits are more important than public health or the environment in NZ.

    NZ Tax payers pay for quarantine and facilities taken up for work that is against the NZ publics interest, both using trawling which is destroying the sea life stocks, and workers rights due to the entitlement that cheap foreign workers bringing in profits is more important than creating jobs for local fisherman.

    Of course locals also now have to pay the quarantine and health costs and loss of life and economic costs to other businesses in NZ when Covid breaks out.

    “Twenty-nine fishermen of several hundred to have arrived in New Zealand in the past few days have been confirmed as having Covid-19. All of the new arrivals are in quarantine or managed isolation in Christchurch.”

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