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  1. In the last two days I have heard National party people claiming Judeath inherited a hospital pass. I disagree Judeath knew exactly what she was getting herself into. She wanted to be our PM and she made no bones of this. Also Judeath did not inherit a hospital pass, she was the hospital pass. She had her chances and she blew it. She started out all nice and then all of a sudden she reverted back to her divisive tactics. She forgot about her team and she starting tramping on their toes by making policy decisions without consulting with them. She (Judeath) should know there is no I in team. And to make matter worse Judeath
    started getting personal by fat shaming people. Playing the man and not the ball. National will not get back in with her at the helm as she will not change, it is too hard. Instead National need to review and rebuild and when the time is right select another leader and deputy leader. We do need good opposition and I don’t believe See- more and his motley crew are good opposition after looking at their credentials. Voting for someone cause of guns reforms is just plain selfish and stupid when we have bigger issues to worry about in our country.

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