Political Caption Competition


What’s worse than eating humble pie? Eating vegan humble pie!



  1. I’m assuming the cretin named after a salad dressing thinks that to be a vegan is to impersonate genitalia.. I think he would be perfect in that role..

  2. Oh Oh.
    He’s got an eyebrow raised!
    That means he was only joking and that means he doesn’t have to follow through with it.
    If Judith can use that excuse then why can’t he?
    Saved from death by lentils, Duncan.

  3. I offer my congratulations to Duncan Garner on his decision to become vegan! His courageous example is an inspiration to us all. Don’t forget your B12 Duncan!

  4. Nothing better than walking in someone elses shoes to appreciate a different point of view.
    He will most likely get disracted with all the fake meat products, when he would be better off getting a vege garden up and running with his kids.

  5. Promises were made to be broken. Right Duncs?

    I mean c’mon, your hero rock star economy ponytail pulling banking shyster said he wouldn’t increase GST (a direct tax on low income earners) before he was elected to the top of the greasy politic pole a few terms back. But ooh look, surprise, then he did, immediately! You can always hide behind his lame false promise pre-election rhetoric stance. Words are cheap and you appear to be full of them.

    And man, that jacket? Jeezus, it looks like a bunch of wire netting up against a concrete wall.

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