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  1. Seymour says ‘call me Coach’. Let the fun and games at ACT begin. Any reporter keen to ask ‘coach’ why his party has moved to the left (although still rightwing)? Would the answer be that NZ has no appetite for a flat tax rate, interest on student loans and the minimum wage to be decreased. ‘The Party of Priniciple’ my arse. Flat tax was ACT’s core policy from the start. Now not so? Why? Political expediency? Flawed policy? If it’s a case of not now…when? Or is Gun Rights now the most important policy? Watch this space. Would also be nice for Brooke to make a statement on the youth wing sexual assault as David sure won’t. Expect more infantile memes, half truths, false quotes and misdirection from ACT. Might as well change the tag line ‘freedom’ to ‘what is the govt hiding?’ Association of Conspiracy Theorists?


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