TWITTER WATCH: The 5 grief stages of Hootonism


After inducing a coup that caused a death spiral inside the National Party, Matthew Hooton seems to be suffering from the 5 grief stages of Hootonism as he sees the Right lose their grip on power…

…Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression followed by mass media manipulation.

Still, he’s handling it better than Mike Hosking is…

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…if Mike’s doing it hard, spare a thought for Mark Richardson…

…never before have so many rich white men wept so many tears for so few actual Left wing policy gains.

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  1. Where would they all like to go, I wonder…
    Maybe we could start up a “Go Fund Me” page for those sad, lost little fellas, and send them off to their ‘Happy Ever After’ places. Dubai, maybe?

  2. I would say its tears of relief after all neoliberalism , their wealth and the power of the MSM will prevail and they know it. And the Greens will be kept at arms length for the next three years. And Winston was blamed for being a handbrake , these people and those who vote for the status quo are the real block wall to any progressive change.

  3. Say what you like about Mike, but his sewing skills are unmatched.
    He demonstrates an extraordinary ability to turn 1950’s couch covers into mens jackets.

  4. All 3 of them will make more money out of a labour government maintaining the status quo. If your house is located in a reasonable suburb you have likely had a value appreciation of 15% since covid19. We have based off a recent appraisal. Short of a large economic meltdown, the low interest rate environment supported be the RBNZ will ‘hard bake’ this gain and increase the size of our speculative bubble.

    So yes we’ll be angry but as property owners will be wealthier as the K-shaped economy means income inequality/asset owning becomes greater. This is the great irony of this whole election and now Clark and Cullen are openly endorsing this approach. People laughing now might be crying in a couple of years time. Of course this is wrong for the country and structurally has significant long term economic consequences that we will see when the money runs out.

  5. Hoots’s legacy will be he put 10 Act party MPs into parliament and into opposition.
    His biggest political achievement.
    Then he got sent to Mongolia.


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