The real winner was NZ Democracy


Our turn out was amazing.

The universal experience of the lockdown forced everyone to become political whether they wanted to or not.

Total votes are 2,877,117, in 2017 they were 2,591,896

Total enrolment was 92.5% , in 2017 it was 92.4%.

Voter turn out was 82.5%, in 2017 it was 79.8%.

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While liberal progress democracies whither around the world, NZ stands strong and provides hope.

We managed our Covid response by informing citizens and relying on their intelligence to command the common good.

This huge voter turnout and mandate for the leadership Jacinda showed is a further expression of that common good.

We should rejoice this turn out because we want more people ended in the democratic process so that they feel an ownership in the outcomes.

Our democracy is the winner here. The peaceful transfer of power without violence or intimidation is a sacred blessing we enjoy on a planet where many are denied this dream.


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  1. …..Our democracy is the winner here the peaceful transfer of power without violence or intimidation is a sacred blessing we enjoy on a planet where many are denied this dream.

    Jolly well said and long may this continue.

  2. There is a wonderful article by Anne Salmond over at Newsroom.

    Last night, Jacinda Ardern and the Labour party won an historic victory. In a landslide, they’ve been given our trust to guide us on a dangerous and unpredictable journey. In these turbulent times, Aotearoa is lucky to have a leader who has vision, and the capacity to inspire collective goodwill, courage and determination.

    The radical idea of aroha is replacing a neo-liberal mythology of life as a market based on egos pursuing their own interests, which in New Zealand as elsewhere has led to ravaged landscapes, fractured communities and broken individuals. Jacinda Ardern understands that Aotearoa’s future depends on all of us, not just her supporters, and our care for each other.

    Like our ancestors who crossed the Pacific Ocean, we are facing many dangers. Many of the old homelands are riven by conflict. The destruction of habitats has forced wild animals and human beings closer together, making it easier for viruses to jump the species barrier. Like our friends and families in other countries, we are stricken by a global pandemic.

    With collapsing ecosystems and climate change, the world itself seems to be turning against us. At times, it is almost too heart-wrenching to think about the future for our children and grandchildren.

    In this election, though, Kiwis have decided not to ignore the dangers, and to tackle these together. With a large majority for Labour and the Greens and a leader who is determined to govern by consensus, we have chosen amity over acrimony, generosity over self-serving, and reality over self-deception.

    Some pundits describe Jacinda Arden as cautious, but I think they are mistaken. I think we have a leader who is bold and visionary, but understands the need to take as many New Zealanders as possible with her on the wild ride ahead. Full article here: Navigating by the Stars

  3. Fear was the real winner. COVID19 eclipsed this election and lets not say it did not play a massive part in peoples decisions. The result is 3 more yeas of center right capitalism but then that was always on the cards one way or another. Its a shame it was not watered down by smaller parties but there you have it.

  4. Apart from the 7.5% of votes that were redistributed to parties that weren’t voted for.
    Labour got 49.1% of the vote from which 59 seats is what they should get.
    However, they get a further 5 seats from people that didn’t vote for them.
    That’s not democracy.

  5. “The Miracle?”

    The miracle
    Not in my life
    Has the god
    Visited in his feet

    You can’t be serious
    Let’s do this
    Let’s keep moving

    Making up jokes
    Is no longer fun
    For this written play
    By whom.
    For our Covid Queen?

    The castle and
    The heavenly staircase
    Has shown itself,
    The portcullis and moat is no more

    Storm the gates, the barricades
    Shake the EQC State to it’s roots?
    Rebuild NOT from the past
    But FOR the bottom dwellers,
    And see the miracle in flesh

    This is godpower Princess!
    Will you set fire to the fire economy,
    Finance, Insurance and Real Estate?
    Orr will u sit and watch the table overturned . .

    Once again . . .


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