Technically this Christopher Luxon interview is blasphemy, watch it before Jacinda’s religious hate speech law bans it!


I’m pretty sure we technically breach Blasphemy and Heresy laws in this interview.

Watch this before Jacinda’s new religious the speech law bans it!


  1. Luxon is a step backwards for our country, do we really want to got there. Surely at the next election National can come up with some one more young and vibrant. At the moment I don’t see anyone in their party that fulfils that.

  2. This Christopher Luxon creature is old news now.. It was assumed he would become the leader, purely on The traitor Keys say so…. The real issue here is that as the party is now about to put a brand new MP in as leader, purely because that was the deal brokered by Key, and his superiors, to ensure an unbroken stream of money, and positions go to the “party faithful” and those who have use for the parties networks, who are there because the bosses wanted them there.. Whether they are even known in their electorates doesn’t even rate a passing thought… In over 9 years as the MP for Helensville, he wouldn’t have shown up there more than once, or twice a year.. He wasn’t there for his “constituents”, as they don’t count for anything but to vote as told… Luxon is the same beast…


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