BREAKING: FINAL NEWSHUB POLL: Labour 45.8% National 31.1%


Labour – 45.8%

National – 31.1%

NZF – 3.5%

ACT – 7.4%

GREENS – 6.3%

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This poll will be fishing in a tiny pool. 1.7m NZers have already voted, so the actual pool of voters this Poll will be taken from are those old school voters who like to wait until election day, and I would hazard a guess that’s a pretty conservative voting pool.

So add the 1.7m Jacinda devotees who have already voted to these poll numbers and I would expect to see Labour storm home tomorrow.

On the election night we are plotting and you are welcome…

…and I will be covering the election live on MagicTalk from 7pm on Saturday with Sean Plunket, Damien Grant and a host of others.

We will try and call the election before Radio NZ.


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  1. Where’s Plunket’s views on cannabis law reform currently? If he ain’t for it I ain’t listening!

  2. Of course the poll may well have covered those who have already voted as I suspect it will have.

    But like picking winning lottery numbers.
    We will only find out with saturdays draw.
    (My vote will be a special and added later)

  3. Well Bomber, at times I occasionally turn on the morning tele, to our two both shockingly puerile morning news shows, and this morning!s offerings was the usually puerile with the exception of who, our Prime Minister.The interviewer asked, Prime Minister, what if you lose the election tomorrow, what will you do stand as the opposition leader or sit in the back benches.No, i will resign as leader and further, quit politic!s..
    I was shocked by that, what have you just done, shot yourself in the foot, when there is 14% undecided, and the country looking for leadership you flippant, basically saying, I!m over it.Reminded my of when that silly one time Green Leader, so full of her own importance, said to the people yes I did commit benefit fraud.

  4. Plunket the Plonker…I thought you kept better company Martyn. I think I’d rather listen to Tova, Duncan and Paddy on TV3…at least it will be garbage with pictures.

  5. Let’s call it now.
    It’s in the bag and looking like it will be Labour/greens.
    Not my choice unlike previously but I’m glad it will make some people happy.
    Our problems will not be solved.
    It’s going to be hard times for rural people.

    • KCCO
      “It’s going to be hard times for rural people.”
      Well that will depend on many things and what changes are made
      NZ can’t carry on polluting and creating environmental havoc on a flimsy justification that our rural sector cannot change.
      It can and must change and that starts with mindsets.
      Many farmers are in a trap of carrying a heavy mortgage which to meet payments causes them to use fertiliser, carry too much stock for the land they have and for some use imported palm kernel as they are over stocked to the point that older methods cannot meet the feed requirements of over stocked land.
      The pollution to waterways, ground water, damage to soil and aquifers by long term caused by fertiliser is well documented but ignored.
      That ignorance is a major part of there problem.
      Fertiliser importers run their propaganda supported by the shareholders. That sort of bullshit is information pollution.
      OK some farmers are so heavily indebted to the voracious banks that they will go under like any business that is too heavily in debt. Asking for the country and environment to subsidise them to the tune of many times the small profit they squeeze out of measures that need change meanwhile the4 pollution goes on unabated and accumulates to the tune of many billions being needed if remediation is possible.
      An altrnative is to follow the guidelines used in permaculture which is more labour intensive so will strengthen rural communities and some assistance may be needed for farmers to change.

      People like Mike Joy, one of our far sighted scientists have laid out a path for change and economic support for that change. There are many farmers who have gone down that rout cutting costs and ending up with less stock units but a better return.
      Education and govt support is needed for the rural sector as well as diversification.
      Farmers who blatantly refuse to change will be authors of their own downfall.

      Good business and environmental outcomes are not new ideas.

      Business cannot come first.

      The level of agricultural pollution in ground water is now linked with cancer and other health concerns
      NZ is heavily subsidising rural based pollution, damage with over stocking, use of fertiliser and irrigation as well as further setting up traps for unwary new farmers . The growth of Commercial and corporate farm conglomerates should worry everyone.

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