So John Key would kill his mother but not let his son smoke a joint?


Euthanasia referendum: Emotional Sir John Key’s plea on End of Life Choice Act and why he’s voting ‘yes’

Sir John Key has made an emotional plea on the proposed euthanasia law and is throwing his support behind it.

The former National Prime Minister’s mum died of Alzheimer’s and he’s spoken of the toll it took between her diagnosis and death.

This after he came out hard against cannabis.

So John Key would kill his mother but not let his son smoke a joint?

He isn’t the only NZer making this perverse decision.

There are a chunk of Kiwis who insanely believe that terminating your life when you are in pain is acceptable, but toking on a joint for that pain isn’t acceptable.

How can killing yourself be a greater right than smoking weed?

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How can the State have no role to play in your final request, but must be there to prevent us smoking cannabis at all times?

If we honestly legalise euthanasia but won’t legalise cannabis, that speaks volumes of who we are and what we are.


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  1. We all know John Key is a psychopath. This just confirms it more. I wish he would just go away and stop crawling out from whatever rock he his hiding under these days. I’m sick of him being given air time to spout off his ever increasingly delusional sentiments. We had almost 9 years of his blatant lies and bullshit.

    • The only good thing about us having to be insulted by listening to Sir (ROTFL) John, is it reinforces (IF it ever needs reinforcing) that Sir is invariably a ‘pay off’ and/or a sign of corruptness and psychopathic liar.
      Look at what he did to state housing and single parents and then consider his upbringing in NZ. Says it all. And in a democratic, well informed country he’d have not even been voted first year school milk monitor.

    • I second that.

      I was going to write sociopath when I saw your psychopath. Yes, both.

      ‘Sir’ John Key. What a fucking sick joke that is! and a clear indication of how rotten the system is. He will always be Shonky, as far as I am concerned.

      dishonest, unreliable, or illegal, especially in a devious way.
      “shonky political goings-on”
      deceitful · underhanded · dishonest · dishonourable · disreputable · unethical · [more]
      a person engaged in suspect business activities.
      “we need to rid the building industry of these shonkies quickly”

      Much the same with Tony B Liar.

      • Hear hear about Blair and every USA President post the second world war. Maybe before WW2 also, but my reading/knowledge of their actions isn’t as strong.

      • She was quite dishonest (remember the pledge cards and the photoshopped images portraying her as a vivacious young woman), and she maintained NZ on completely the wrong path.

        It was probably her near-dictatorship style of government that was the last straw for the long suffering public, who we so desperate to get rid of her they voted in someone worse -Mister Conman Sleaze.

      • No. Her neither. They just can’t help letting the media ferret them out all the time to annoy people. Sticky beaks both.

        But here’s hoping that Max bumps Dad off at the first sign of the fellow criteria filling and willing.

    • He’s the presentable mask and the ‘reasonable’ voice of the National Party, so they’ll keep trotting him out whenever they need a winning smile and a less obviously draconian sound-bite. Good old reliable, John. Such a lovely man. Ask anyone. Ask Aroha Ireland.

  2. I don’t hate, actually hate many people, but John Key is one of them. However he almost looked human last night and his story was another tragedy of needless human suffering that so many will identify with. If you support the Yes side then well done John Key, you bastard.

  3. Key always reminds me of “Ivy”.

    Perennial climber/scrambler that strangles and shades out desirable plants and is very difficult to get rid of.

  4. Yes, a twisted national psyche indeed if the vote supports Euthanasia, but not Cannabis that might make living more enjoyable or bearable for some, and all the other benefits of legalised, commercialised and legislated weed.

  5. John key raised in a state house, when in power, him and his party sold thousands of state houses, leaving many NZers homeless, shut out of the market and ineligible due to their mean spirited housing policy. Pull the benefit got the TIA and when in power, cut it, making it harder for may NZers to climb the ladder and escape poverty. Does it surprise us he want to euthanise his mother, nah!

  6. “So John Key would kill his children but not let his son smoke a joint?
    He isn’t the only NZer making this perverse decision.

    There are a chunk of Kiwis who insanely believe that abortion is acceptable, but toking on a joint for pain isn’t acceptable.

    How can killing your children be a greater right than smoking weed?

    How can the State have no role to play in your fertility, but must be there to prevent us smoking cannabis at all times?

    If we honestly legalise abortion but won’t legalise cannabis, that speaks volumes of who we are and what we are.”

    Guess whose arguments you use Martyn.

  7. I’ll be voting the same way as Key but for different reasons. It’s likely that you would have got me and many thousands more if Angry and the Greens went down the discrimination path. But they decided to be smart arses and go the whole hog and use it as an electioneering tool. That approach and the way this has been sold has pissed me off.

    Personally I don’t give 2 shits if someone wants to smoke weed in private as long as they don’t drive afterwards. However as a non smoker nor someone who doesn’t do drugs I don’t want to go to the local shops and have a weed shop there. Nor do I want to see Amsterdam-type coffee shops sprouting up in suburbia. There is no right or wrong about those 2 statements – its just how I feel and am entitled to feel in a democracy. I’m also old enough to understand any tax revenue gained from legalisation (like road users/petrol tax and any sugar tax) won’t be fence posted and only available to fund addiction and health-related costs of legalisation. It will go in the general pot, fund shit things and our already overloaded health services will be strained more.

    Rather than naval gazing and blaming others should this referendum fail look at the way this was sold. To Joe average NZer it was sold as a shit sandwich. Compare it to Seymour’s euthanasia referendum. This is why that referendum will romp home whereas Cannabis at best will stumble across the line if people can be bothered getting off the couch. If it fails it was due to the strategy employed, the actors involved and the naive nature of its major proponents.

    Decriminalisation would have passed, solved most of your issues and allowed a soft approach into legalisation where we could track, record and test the assumptions that proponents and detractors argue about in our environment as opposed to Europe or North America.

  8. I’m sure Max Key has tried a bit of ye olde wacky backy amongst other things when he started becoming a DJ.
    Disco bickies anyone?

    • @ CD. Baha ! Aaah… You took me back… I had a nark ask me for a ‘happy bickie’ once as his wee mate hovered about all clear eyed and bushy tailed like a ravenous stoat eyeing up a bung winged piwakawaka. ” So? You got any happy bickies then? ” The jumpy jingo asked. I asked” What? Like ginger nuts then” Then I did this. I’m serious. I asked him to hold my drink ( water) then reached into my pocket as his eyes followed my hand and took out my hankie and blew my nose. Then took my water back all the while keeping a very close eye on it.
      I laughed in his poor little droopy face then hollered ” Nark! Here’s a nark! Over here for the Nark! Come and get your Nark here? Nark anyone? ”
      I can’t believe we’re still giving jonky oxygen. Who cares what the fucker’s got to say. Just ignore him/it. He’s an expensive irrelevance.
      I’m much more interested in bulbous jude. The sneering date scone in a frock.
      I just read her bio via The Guardian. What a Scunthorpe she is.
      The daughter of farmers aye? Might have known. The greatest enemy to farmers other than banksters is other farmers. Traitor farmers. Coward farmers finding that it’s easier to go with the boozing buddy mates flow than side with actual farmers who need help.
      The plump judester stabbed her whanau in the back then.
      The Guardian.
      “The daughter of farmers, she was born and grew up in a Labour household in the rural region of Waikato, a National stronghold south of Auckland. The youngest of six, she eschewed an offer from her parents to send her to private boarding school because she did not want to leave home.
      She later received Masters degrees in law and taxation from the University Auckland – where she met her husband, a fellow law student – and worked as a lawyer and restaurant owner before entering parliament in 2002. The couple have an adult son.
      “It was when her restaurant became embroiled in a union dispute that her politics changed from Labour to National, she wrote in her autobiography. ”
      We AO/NZ’ers shouldn’t let the judester so much as look at a picture of our parliament buildings much less remain within its ramparts.

  9. John Key is one of just a handful of politicians that literally make my skin crawl. There is simply something “off” about him imo. Tony Blair, Dick Cheney, and John Key. [shudder].

    • Nitrium. Interesting. He made my skin crawl too. In the “ Dirty Politics” kerfuffle, as he patently glibly bad-mouthed Nicky Hager, the fawning journos were glazey-eyed accepting what he said like spaced-out zombies. I think him sinister and very odd.

  10. Emotional and shyster those two words don’t go together bit like rich and poor. I am surprised he is against legalizing weed when by doing so it will net the government a reasonable amount back in taxes. Euthanasia is no brainer because it will appeal to that mercenary nature of his that everything is disposable on planet Key.
    I wondered how long it was going to be before the National MSM rolled him out to deliver his sermon on these topics and just in time before the last votes are cast. I would wager that a lot of people in his circles of influence smoke dope and the harsher stuff as is their entitlement as they can pay for a never ending supply.
    Not acting on cannabis pretty much summed up his time in government , a total lack of any forward thinking or being prepared to be bold and approaching the problems we have with new solutions.
    He did as he promised he would do in a hushed breath at those fund raising dinners and party meetings making his supporters and donors even richer while being marketed as the next coming of christ to the great unwashed.
    I hate very few people but he is an exception and i wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

  11. I support this referendum and so do a lot of people who have actually had to deal with the issues it raises. I’ll be voting yes.

    We know your position mate and that’s your right. Feel free to keep churning out these articles but I wont be reading them.

  12. John Key’s mother would not have been eligible for euthanasia under the current Act as proposed regardless.

    It is concerning how few New Zealanders actually realise the limited prescription the Act has, and that for the vast majority of NZers, it would not suffice.

    Picture someone who has had a major stroke and is 100% reliant on full time care. Prisoner in their own body. Hardly the stuff of joyful living. Even if such a person had a living will and said they would not want to live after having suffered a major stroke, they would still be forced to live and could not avail themselves of the euthanasia law.

    Morally, I am in favour of euthanasia. But the question did not ask me if I morally supported euthanasia. The question asked me if I supported the End of Life Choice Act. I don’t support the Act because it’s incredibly limited and basically functionally useless.

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