The Waterstone Election 2020 Podcast – Pre-election Finale ep

Well, we are now 4 days away until the 2020 election and it’s been another week of political shenanigans!
The factions inside National are already turning on each other before their disastrous campaign has even ended.
ACT looks like it will become the defacto Opposition despite radioactive policy and crazy candidates
The Māori Party shocked the political punditry class 
and NZ First is still going nowhere.


We will see you next week for our last show to look at the election results and will be joined by former leader of the National Party, Simon Bridges.




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  1. Damien, Damien, Damien. Your staunch support for ACT is…….well….let’s say ‘consistent’!
    But seriously, after 35 years of failure, how can you possibly back a party that pushes Rogernomics when we know from the evidence that IT DOESN’T WORK!

    Thanks for these podcasts Martyn – I have enjoyed the discourse between yourself and Mr Grant 🙂


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