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  1. Although I’ve already Party voted Labour, as I’ve always done, it’ll be for the last time if there isn’t meaningful action after the election.
    Tinkering is no longer going to cut it
    “NZ election: The people left behind in Ardern’s ‘kind’ New Zealand”

    And that’s just on the issue of people being ‘left behind’
    The reasons for it run deeper than even the article looks at and include things like public service reform – a meek and mild little start having been made by Hipkins on that – which IMHO could be seen as window dressing if cultural and structural change doesn’t rapidly come about.

    Come 2023, I really don’t want to see Labour in the same position the gNatz are now but it’ll be an inevitability if the rate of progress doesn’t increase

  2. I look forward to Judith Collins concession speech and the announcement of her retirement from politics this coming Saturday night. Judith now nothing more than a continuous “Dead Parrot’ Monty Python sketch with the NZ public playing John Cleese holding the carcass of the National party….’it’s a dead Parrot’…’No it isn’t’ replies Judith.


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