Five Celebrities of New Zealand Who Have Tried Online Dating


Why do Even Celebrities Use Dating Services?


Dating apps all around the world, such as tinder pride in massive users across the areas they operate from. As it turns out, celebrities have joined the online dating bubble to find love and relationships. You can imagine going through your favorite doing app and coming across one of your favorite celebrities in the app. Being a celebrity does not guarantee one perfect love life, and this is why most of them prefer low-key relationships and join dating applications to find their perfect matches. Research shows that most adults have at least tried online dating at some point, and celebrities are no exception.


Discover About Olympia Valance 

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Olympia Valance, born in 1993 is an Australian actress who has starred in many soap operas. On several occasions, she has confessed to meeting her AFL boyfriend from an exclusive dating site which is known to many as a “celebrity dating app”. She joined the site, started chatting with the famous footballer, and later went on a date which turned out to be a perfect relationship. With her celebrity status, Olympia joined the dating site hoping to find the love of her life, and that’s exactly what she got. Doesn’t everyone deserve to find this perfect person? Lucky for Olympia, it worked for her. 

What About KJ Apa?

KJ Apa, famous for sharing many dating pieces of advice to women and men, was born in 1997 and is a New Zealand singer, actor, and musician. Mainly focused on natural beauty, he met his previous and current girlfriends from a popular dating app that offers premium dating services to celebrities. He is one of the individuals who advocate for true love and on multiple interviews, he has shown his passion for giving great tips for anyone who wants to try online dating. Therefore, there you have it. Your favorite celebrity might be going through your profile at any time. 

Why Not Learn About Georgia Fowler 

Georgia is another New Zealand celebrity who has had luck on online dating for a long time now. With her current boyfriend Nathan Dalah, it is rumored that they spark their romantic relationship from a popular dating app operating in New Zealand. Although the speculation might not be fully believable, the two have shared romantic walks and moments in the public eye. She is New Zealand’s top models, born in 1992, and has been in the Victoria secret shows for 3 years. Even though celebrity love may be difficult, she scored her perfect man, and they are happy.


Explore About Milo Cawthorne 

Milo is a New Zealand TV actor and is currently married to Olivia Tennet. Being together for 11 years, it is obvious that they have found love in one another. Even though it is not clear how they met, they are rumored to have met online and progressed to a romantic relationship. Milo had one previous relationship which is also rumored to be from an online dating site and is one individual who has found a long-lasting partner from this dating wave. Being 32 years old, the couple had achieved most of the ambitions and goals they had set when they started dating.

Olivia Tennet Story

Olivia is a New Zealand renowned TV actress, 29 years old, and happily married to Milo Cawthorne. Olivia is an individual who has kept her love life at the low from past relationships to the current one. For this couple, there is not much information about their past dating, hookup, breakups, and other relationship-based issues. Still, Olivia is rumored to have been on some dating applications at the time she met her husband. The duo makes the best combination of a TV actor and actress and is a sure testimony that online dating apps work for the better regardless of your celebrity status.

Latest Tips

Don’t be afraid to seek your love online. He/she may be a celebrity crush and may give genuine love. In the celebrity world, t has been termed difficult to date fellow celebrities except for a few relationships that worked in the past. That is why celebrities celebrate online dating for a long term relationship and to look for perfect matches. Everyone deserves love from their ideal match.



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