Billy Te Kahika’s crude anti-semitism must be condemned and rejected


Anti-semitic conspiracy theories promoted by Billy Te Kahika in this week’s stuff investigation must be condemned.

Like racism in all its forms, anti-Jewish racism must be denounced alongside Islamophobia, white supremacy, anti-Palestinian racism and anti-Arab racism.

There are a lot of decent New Zealanders who have been drawn into conspiracy theories through the internet in recent years as people look for easy answers to the big problems they, and the world, face.

However these answers will never be found in racism or racist conspiracy theories, such as those supported by Billy Te Kahika or those held, and acted on, by the Christchurch gunman.

With regard to the election, PSNA is calling for all parties to give wholehearted support to the Palestinian struggle for human rights and self-determination.

Just as New Zealanders stood alongside black South Africans in the struggle against South African apartheid, we must also stand alongside Palestinians in the struggle against Israeli apartheid.


  1. Well said John. I caught an interesting soundbite from an Rnz programme the other day with regard to the immense feelings of gratitude generated in the black SA community by the invasion of the pitch in Hamilton that resulted in the cancellation of the scheduled Springbok game. The support that these types of protests allow oppressed people to feel is immense. And it is this focus on Israel that is important. Israel also is an apartheid state as your clearly demonstrated in your lecture and as such must be made to undo all the systems and structures that allow them to dehumanise a section of their population simply by virtue of their race and religion. It is past time that the world stood behind Palestine.

    • /agreed.
      But then humility and benevolence never was a feature of the cargo cultists, let alone truthiness.
      Fundamentally at odds with his whakapapa. But then the little runt never was even a shadow of his fathe (even though he didn’t profess to be perfik), including his musicianship. Treats and trinkets, sales-speak learned parrot-fashion, Billy wanna cracker ……. next.
      He really should go bugger-up and join Destiny (if he hasn’t already) – I hear the bling is guaranteed

  2. Where to and where to start. Are we not all washed in education of histories winners belligerence of enforcement of their victorious culture and learning!s.
    Should we allow this Billy Te Kahika!s, be allowed to be a participant in our countries elections, of course as long as he has followed the legal process to do so, and the ballot box will prevail in its judgment.
    Used to not know, listening to a musician known as Billy T.K, went with one of my friends who new him, it was in a large barn pub full to the max, and Billy T.K. was cranking it, after the gig my friend asked Billy could hear you above them all singing in tune and out their, Billy would like to meet you, I said no, was walking out with a glamour.

  3. More so his nitwittery, John.

    I see too many people who think their comfortable stomachs is a legitimate argument against reality. As we know climate change is everything. Yet our multi-complex present world takes precedence.

    Growing up in the boring 70s I see clearly. How we will demise. Deniers of reality assure that.

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