Why 2020 could be one of our highest voter turn outs


All the signs are there for NZ to have one of the highest voter turn outs.

Our enrolment rate is higher than 2017 and our advance voting is through the roof.

Prisoners can vote this election.

More polling booths in places traditionally not included.

More people have enrolled from overseas.

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Same day enrolment and voting which disqualified over 40 000 votes in 2017.

79% of the 92% enrolled voted in 2017 which was the highest voter turnout since 2005, I think we could expect to surpass 2017 because of the uniqueness of Covid.

Covid was a universal shared experience, those events bind and bond us in ways we don’t expect and this solidarity sees us engage.

Everyone has an opinion about politics after Covid, expect to hear that opinion loud and clearly on election day.

Such engagement in the democratic process should thrill us all because no matter the result the more NZers who vote and participate in the democratic franchise, the more we are all connected to the outcomes and decisions.

We should rejoice that we can transfer power peacefully and by the will of the people free of intimidation and threat.

We are blessed that at a time when democracies around the world are failing in the face of the Covid challenge, ours is flourishing.

Kia kaha Aotearoa. Vote now.

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  1. A record voter turnout indicates a popular Labour government win, besides the National party have their own ABC Club to deal with.

    • Well done Bert, I can see you are a discerning man, with your Anyone But Collins approach to politics.

      Vote ACT, because we have a Seymour, not a Collins

      An ABS club would put the brakes on New Zealand’s socialist, woke, namby-pamby, nanny-state uselessness and bring back User-pays, Trickle-down Ignorance-is-bliss society.

      Bring back UTI New Zealand, by voting ACT

      Everyone will be better off.

  2. Yes, spot on Martyn. There has always been a sizeable segment of eligible voters who simply don’t engage. Their rationale is that mainstream politics doesn’t talk to them and there is little point in participating in what they perceive as the façade of democracy: a bunch of power-hungry politicians more intent on feathering their own nests and, worse, lining the pockets of others. In short, its all bullshit to them. This of course does a disservice to those who genuinely feel the call to public service, who believe they, individually and collectively, can make a difference. But the disenfranchised don’t see this. And who can blame them? This election is very different however. As you say, those who have previously held negative views about participatory democracy will turn up and express their opinion about politics after Covid. In many cases it may well simply be two ticks for NZ’s public health response. That’s a vote for St Jancida and Ashley. If this is indeed the case, the returning Labour government – in coalition or alone –must be careful not squander their trust- and the trust of both loyal followers and swing voters. Visionary. Transformational. Courageous. That’s what many are hoping for.

  3. Well who will join us in a consumer boycott of The Warehouse and Noel Leeming for their abhorrent actions to lay off hundreds of workers in these circumstances and times. We have zipped our wallets/purses and will not purchase anything from these stores till they reverse their inhumane actions. Email them and let them know your intentions! Promote this through your social media activity.

    Consumer boycotts have had far reaching effects in other countries to change corporate behavior, so lets as the team of five million do this and support the workers of NZ.

    It would have been valiant

    • The Warehouse and Noel Leeming are not charities and have shareholders that need income as well . All businesses are constantly changing and their staff requirements change.
      There are no typist pools any more but they retrained and became it programmers nothing stays the same . The employer needs to be fair and open but no one is owed a job just because they turned up each day for a job that existed due to someone’s vision.

    • We should also boycott those businesses that took our wage subsidies and made profits or paid out shareholders. That is plain wrong and unfair its our young people that will be burdened with this debt. Our young people will inherit all our mess, the environment, debt and house prices way out of kilter.

      • There could be a slump in houses prices .Over the last year in Melbourne and Sydney apartment prices have dropped by 35%. . This has caused many to have negative equity in their property. and the banks are worried as they cannot for close without taking the market down further. Which ever lot is in power wages need to go up to afford the houses not bring the price down. This will not be helped if the Greens wealth tax sees the light of day.

  4. Record turnout on the cards!
    I think so.
    I think so because I work at the polls, and have done so for seven elections including this one.
    With more advance voting booths open this time I have noticed a pattern.
    Family groups coming in to vote.
    None of them enrolled, none of them have voted before (so they say).
    That’s what the new rule of being to enrol and vote on election day has done.
    It has empowered so many new voters.
    These people find that enrolling and voting is actually not complicated at all and they leave the booth with smiles on their faces.
    That is one of the best parts of the job when people leave the booth happy to have taken part in the democratic process.
    It makes the job worthwhile.

  5. We should also boycott those businesses that took our wage subsidies and made profits or paid out shareholders. That is plain wrong and unfair its our young people that will be burdened with this debt. Our young people will inherit all our mess, the environment, debt and house prices way out of kilter.

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