Waatea News Column: Why Maori are the greatest strategic voters in NZ


The promise of MMP was that it would create Governments that ruled with agreement rather than the tyranny of the majority.

Because of the unique features of the MMP framework, this election could create an unexpected outcome which sees a Labour+Green+Māori Party Government.

More than any previous election, the Māori electorates could determine the direction of the next Government.

Since MMP, Māori voters on the Māori electorates have proven to be the largest tactical voting block in New Zealand.

This election, candidate votes for the Māori Party and an overwhelming Party vote for Labour could produce an MMP overhang in Parliament that would lift the required Labour majority requiring them to need the Greens + Māori Party to form a Government.

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Māori frustration at the lack of devolving from broken Pakeha systems is echoed around Māoridom and that has found voice with the Māori Party and a strong policy platform.

Last nights Tamaki Makarau debate poll showed JT only 6 points behind Peeni, who a few months ago was 30 points ahead of JT in internal polls.

The Māori Party have the momentum and you would have to think that Tāmaki Makaurau, Te Tai Hauāuru and Waiariki are all in play, but that doesn’t take away the fierce battle Labour Māori have put up and the gains they’ve actually made over the last 3 years.

If Māori strategically vote in the Māori electorates, they can gain Māori Party MPs AND all the Labour Party MPs as well, that could reshape the NZ Parliament.

I don’t think the mainstream media appreciate how essential the Māori Electorates will be this election.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. Yes people always say we are not homogenous yet our tactical voting at times has shown otherwise. But we could be a more powerful voting block if more of our people went on the Maori roll. More Maori on the Maori roll equates to more Maori seats. I believe many Pakeha will feel threatened by this. And they will not like us getting the upper hand and we will experience a huge backlash. To make matters worse all the rednecks and racist we have in our country, and we know there are many. All this lot will come out of the woodwork. And we will hear the same old rhetoric of Maori privilege when we all know this is utter bullshit. The system has not served us well its about time we learned how to utilise the current political system for our own advantage.

  2. Exactly – the latest poll and general trends suggest that Labour will get about 48%. Greens should get 6-7% so this is probably how i’ll be voting to get max Maori MP’s. So Peeni and Marama will both be back in house. Its about time JT stopped running down labour and “patipati” up to Peeni.

    Electorate vote – JT and party vote NZF.

    This has been the problem with Mana and Maori parties in the past in that they were too combative with Labour and sucked up to national. This time they are lucky they have been let off for going with tories.

    Those in all the Maori electorates should do the same. Also in Auckland Central Helen White will probably get in thru on the List so vote for Chloe.

  3. The ‘strategy’ is to eliminate the gweens because the present MP’s are shite, with one exception, Gareth Hughes. But, he’s seen the light and is retiring from politics.
    The 2 ticks for the Maori Party and the labour Maoris (who are on the list), taking a ‘knee’ in their electorates would give Maori 14 MP’s and a few others amongst the other partys in parliament.

    Shive me timbers the pakeha’s would say!

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