Sharjah World Musical Festival


Sharjah World Musical Festival is the most entertaining event which is celebrated in the first nine days of February in the UAE. This festival is arranged by the Furat Qaddouri Music center every year in Sharjah. You should Car Rental Dubai in February from the professional auto rentals and go to enjoy the world music festival of Sharjah during your trip. 

Sharjah musical festival not only brings the popular musicians and singers of UAE but also the world-renowned singers to create an environment of the global spectacular journey of music. This event is sponsored mostly by Shurroq and Sharjah tourism to entertain residents and tourists of the UAE. 

Which events will you enjoy in this Festival?

Every year, the sponsors and organizers of the Sharjah Music Festival schedule proper events with timings and competitions. As the 6th editions of this festival have been held in previous years, you will be aware that most of the events organized in this festival are related to music concerts and competition. 

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Here are the events which are usually taking place in Sharjah for 6 years. 

  • On the very first day of February, an event named The Tune of Syria is arranged in The Flag Island Amphitheater Sharjah in the evening.
  • On 2nd February, a concert of popular singers is held in the amphitheater at night.
  • The Tune from South Korea is celebrated and entertained by the audience on the same Island on February 3rd.
  • If you want to participate in the talent hunt, you can participate in The Stars Talent Competition on Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah from 3rd to 7th February. 
  • Likewise, Gonna Choi of South Korea and Corey Musical band (Korean Folcloric Musical Group) show their musical skills on the 6th and 7th February in the Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah.
  • You can also enjoy the music of France and Egypt in the last two days of the festival at The Flag Island Amphitheater Sharjah by attending events of Gonne Choi “The Legend of Piano Richard Clayderman” and Coreyah “The Memory of Warda Al Jazairia by Marwa Nagy”. 

Where is the Sharjah World Musical Festival celebrated?

There are two places in Sharjah where the world music festival is held from February 1st to 9th in the UAE every year. If you want to attend this meritorious event, we suggest you to hire a vehicle from Monthly Car Rental Dubai to go to the following places where this event is organized. 

The Flag Island Amphitheatre

The Flag Island Amphitheatre is situated in Corniche Street Sharjah, UAE. Whenever you plan a Dubai tour, you will observe that this amphitheater is used as a place for musical events, theatrical events, and art shows.  

Do you want to attend the Sharjah musical festival? If yes, you should rent a car from Dubai Rental company and entertain yourself. You will learn many things about the traditional culture and arts of the UAE on Al Majaz Island. 

Al Majaz Waterfront

Al Majaz Waterfront is one of the famous tourist attractions of Sharjah. This waterfront is present near the Khalid Lake Trail of Sharjah, UAE. You can visit this beautiful place anytime you want but you will enjoy the enthralling view of the waterfront in the evening. 

Even on the days other than this festival, you will also enjoy the beauty of traditional Arabian culture, Sharjah Fountain, antique picturesque panoramas, and cruises on the well-developed electronic boats. During the festival, you can enjoy the delicious food of all international cruises and restaurants. 

If you are a true music lover, the best time for you to plan a Dubai tour is that time when you can attend the Sharjah World Music Festival. So, reserve your luxury auto from Car Rental Dubai in advance for the festival days to travel to Sharjah and make your Dubai trip memorable at a budget-friendly rate.