How Trump steals the 2020 election


Trump is speaking only to his support base because he needs that base to vote on Election day in huge numbers.

To his QAnon acolytes, white supremacists and angry white working classes, his performance in the debate and in surviving Covid was the classic Trump brand of self inflated ego beer they love to chug.

Trump will ensure his right wing anti-Abortion nutter becomes a Supreme Court Judge while screaming incessantly that mail in votes will be rigged.

On election day, Trump’s mask hating, freedom loving, Kid Rock greasy, Nascar Gun appreciation club and quasi fascist Proud Boys proudly march to the ballot boxes while Democrats stay at home and mail in their vote the dynamics of which award Trump the barest of victories on election night.

Trump will declare victory on Election night and as the mail in votes start to come in, Trump will begin legal battles in every situation to recount or disallow votes.

Trump keeps the legal cases going for 35 days after which the Supreme Court, which he has just stacked 6 to 3 in favour of Conservatives, makes the call.

As the country erupts into anger at the magnitude of Trump’s corruption and out right theft of the election, he ruthlessly enacts emergency powers to quell the riots and calls on his armed militia and military to protect him.

These are dangerous times.

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  1. And the Dems in their impotency and incompetence just let it all happen and there isn’t a thing anyone can do to stop the GOP and their monster puppet Trumplestillskin

    • One redeeming powerful factor that Donald Trump has that is hugely popular over there and other parts of the world is his solid policy of rejecting the ‘corporate takeover’ of the global village as he refused to join the TPPA, – remember that?

  2. I also believe Trump has a reasonable chance to win, far higher than the current betting markets are predicting.
    BTW, the comment section on this market is one of the most fun you can have (because it’s real-time). You can spend hours reading a continuous stream of vacuous, inciteful and hilarious comments there.
    I do hope that be it Trump or Biden that they win in landslide so there can be no dispute (i.e. no court involvement). The scenario you paint here is extremely plausible and will do incalculable damage to the trust in their voting system. However I think it might not go down like that, but rather more like it did in 2016 with a massive upset looming that is not reflected in the current polls that are picking Biden for an easy victory. I gather there is no enthusiasm whatsoever for Biden in the US (even in “Blue States”), and a record 20% of people being polled are refusing to answer the question one way or another. Now I could be wrong, but I think that 20% will be heavily skewed toward Trump for obvious reasons.
    Regardless, 4 November (our time) will be an entertaining day.

  3. Hopefully the steroids he’s maxing out on cause a massive heart attack. Won’t matter if he lives or dies.

  4. The electoral college and its vagaries could well deny Trump an endorsing win but that won’t matter because this election will be as tight as a drum in the states that matter and Trump has already hinted that he will use the excuse of voter fraud to take the many close results to court with the judges already in his pocket.
    Any threat to remove him will result in lawlessness by many of his militia supporters. It could result in a very real civil conflict.

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